Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Facebook is a Changin'

This week I bit the bullet and upgraded my personal Facebook page to the new Timeline. As much as I'd like to fight it, I think about it like this. My FB page is for work. I need that page to be as current as possible so that it shines when I have visitors. I am saddened that means the old elongated profile is no longer visible, except on pages, and the banner option is now gone as well. We do get a nifty area at the top of our FB profiles with area for a header, or what FB is calling a "cover".

So this is how my new page looks...

I'll no doubt tinker with it more, later. For now, I'm just happy it matches my author page. The new template looks something like this:

It was very difficult to achieve imagine clarity with this. For whatever reason, I kept getting blurred or grainy results. With this size template, it worked. So I'm going to use this template from here on out. You're given the option to drag the image to center it, and as you can see from the first picture, I maximized the amount of room you're allowed for content. So I recommend using a similar template on a similar scale so your images will have at least a fraction of their original clarity.

Has anyone else swapped to Timeline? What do you think of it?


Sara Brookes said...

Is it bad that when I saw the timeline change, I immediately thought of you, Hailey, and what size your template is for the "cover" space? LOL

Annie Nicholas said...

I can't keep up!! LOL I'm still working on my banner stuff.