Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have You Had a Paranormal Christmas?

Thanks to Paranormal Romantics for hosting me here today!

I’m celebrating the release of my contemporary fantasy romance, North of Need. It’s a mix of sweet holiday magic, hot paranormal romance and a unique Greek mythology filled with
gods—what could be better? *grins* And, Paperback Dolls recently picked it as
THE romance novel for holiday gift-giving! Woot!

Today, I wanted to talk about paranormal activity at Christmas. If you think about it, Christmas as a set of beliefs and traditions is chockfull of supernatural elements. First, the holiday celebrates the birthday of Jesus, the son of God and the Virgin Mary, and the result of an immaculate conception. On the night of his birth, angels proclaim him to the world as his savior.

More secular celebrations focus on Santa Claus’s year-long production of toys for all the world’s good girls and boys—and he knows who was bad and who was good—which he delivers the world over in one night. If you count all the world’s children,that’s 800 million stops scattered around the globe he makes in the process of one night’s journey of a magic, reindeer-drawn sleigh (there are currently no known species of flying reindeer… hmm). And one of those reindeer purportedly has a nose that glows bright enough to cut through pitch dark, fog, and bad weather. Scientists have calculated the distance he’d need to cover to make this possible, and it’s 160 million kilometers, farther than the distance from here to the sun. If you count only the world’s Christian children, his stops drop to approximately 91.8 million homes, less daunting to be sure. To make this possible, he’d still need to travel 650 miles per second, or by using magic. See, one of those is way more likely than the other!

The Winter Solstice, which falls usually on December 21, is also one of three days in the year with the reported highest levels of paranormal activity (along with Halloween and All Soul’s Day, November 1). It’s the date with the longest night of the year, making it perfect for things that go bump in the night to, well, bump. And it’s not hard to think why this would be the case—the ghosts of Christmases past are on the move, people, getting ready to yank people from their beds and show them the errors of their ways! *winks*

Seriously, though, many people report seeing ghosts and having unusual, explainable experiences on and around Christmas. Long-dead relatives leaving messages or being seen by young children, Christmas lights coming on by themselves, etc. Maybe all the history
associated with Christmas traditions and heirloom ornaments and families gathering together calls spirits home, back to the people who loved them in life.

What do you think? Have you ever had a paranormal Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Laura Kaye

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Laura has donated two prizes today:
  1. An e-book copy of North of Need, the contest is open internationally.
  2. A set of trading cards for North of Need, which is open to US & Canadian residents only.

About North of Need:
Her tears called a powerful snow god to life, but only her love can grant the humanity he craves...

Desperate to escape agonizing memories of Christmas past, twenty-nine-year-old widow Megan Snow builds a snow family outside the mountain cabin she once shared with her husband, realizing too late that she's recreated the very thing she'll never have.

Called to life by Megan's tears, snow god Owen Winters appears unconscious on her doorstep in the midst of a raging blizzard. As she nurses him to health, Owen finds unexpected solace in her company and unimagined pleasure in the warmth of her body, and vows to win her heart for a chance at humanity.

Megan is drawn to Owen's mismatched eyes, otherworldly masculinity, and enthusiasm for the littlest things. But this Christmas miracle comes with an expiration--before the snow melts and the temperature rises, Megan must let go of her widow's grief and learn to trust
love again, or she'll lose Owen forever.


The men in her life wanted her to be happy, wanted her to let go of the pain. Wanted her to embrace life. To live.

John couldn’t. But she could.

Owen’s mouth dropped open when she dragged her exploring fingers across the deep red of his bottom lip. So soft.

For now, she’d start with what she knew. “I do want you, Owen. And I need you.” She swallowed. “So much.”

A deep sound of satisfaction rumbled low in his throat and ricocheted down her body. Those soft lips found hers, already open, waiting for his touch. With his kiss, he possessed her. His scent—winter spice and male—filled her senses. His body covered her. She could live on the cool, sweet taste of his tongue. And, God, his little moans and grunts reverberated right down to the wet heat between her legs.

He trailed open-mouthed kisses over her cheek to her ear, sucked her lobe between his lips and flicked it with his tongue. She gasped as goose bumps erupted everywhere and she offered her neck to his exploration.

“I want you, Megan. Be mine. Gods.”

He licked and sucked down her neck. She shivered and grabbed onto the firmness of his sculpted biceps. He nipped at the tendon where neck met shoulder. A moan exploded from her, loud and wanton, but couldn’t be helped. She threaded her fingers into his silky black hair and held him to her. “Again,” she rasped. He teased her with his teeth, then his tongue and lips. “God, Owen.”

She chuckled even as she whimpered at the spine-tingling nips and bites.

“What’s so funny?” His warm breath caressed her bare skin.

“Sorry, it’s just…” She covered her mouth with her hand, humor-induced tears now gathering at the corners of her eyes.

He pulled her hand away. “Never hide your smile from me.”

He pressed kisses to her knuckles, then pinned her wrist beside her shoulder.

She finally reined in her amusement. “I’m sorry. It’s just, I said, ‘God, Owen,’ and then”—the chuckles threatened again—“it hit me that, you know, you really are a god, and all.”

A playful smirk framed Owen’s face. “Are you amused by my godhood?”

She nodded. He thrust his hips into hers, rocking the ridge of his impressive erection against her right where she craved him. Her lips dropped open as she sucked in a breath.

His mismatched eyes blazed. “Still amused?”

She nodded and pressed up against him. Wrapped one leg around his waist and dug her heel into his firm ass. He grunted and ground down on her, just as she hoped he would. Then his mouth crushed against hers again, their tongue intertwining. He drew away with little kisses on the corner of her lips. “I like you amused. Smiling. Laughing. I want to make you feel that way.”

His words wrapped around her heart, mending, binding. She cupped his cheek in her palm. “Sweet, sweet man.” She took a deep breath and a leap of faith. “Make love to me.”

“Gods, yes.” In a flash, he’d pushed up from the couch, lifted her in his arms, and crossed the room.

Butterflies took flight in her stomach. His humor, his gentle kindness, his raw sexuality, his masculine beauty—he appealed to every part of her mind and body. And, maybe, just maybe, her heart.

About Laura Kaye:
A multi-published author of paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance, Laura Kaye’s hot, heartfelt stories are all about the universal desire for a place to belong. Laura is the author of the bestselling contemporary romance and award-nominated HEARTS IN DARKNESS and the bestselling and award-winning paranormal romance FOREVER FREED (NJRW Golden Leaf Award for Best Paranormal of 2011), as well as an erotic romance novella, JUST GOTTA SAY.

Her fourth book, contemporary fantasy romance NORTH OF NEED, is the first in the 4-book Hearts of the Anemoi series. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters,
and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


Laura Kaye said...

Thanks so much for hosting me here!

Patti P said...

I haven't had a paranormal Christmas, but I do believe that things are possible. I want this book so bad. It's on all of my wish lists and if I don't get this Christmas I am buying it right after. :)
musicalfrog at comcast dot net

Sophia Rose said...

I have this one on my Christmas wish list just like Patti.

I have never had a paranormal happening near Christmas, but I could see why its a big time of the year. Feelings are strong during this time.

Thanks for the posting!

Na said...

Aside from the books I've read I've never had a paranormal Christmas. I do believe in ghosts though so maybe one day. Although our "spirits" are all in high cheer during the holidays.


Laura Kaye said...

I love how you all are willing to believe, though! :) Thanks for all the comments!

Joanne said...

I have not had a paranormal Christmas but it's early yet. You never know what's going to happen. North of Need is on the top of my TBR pile. Congrats on the new release.


Laura Kaye said...

LOL Joanne! So true! :)

barbara said...

I've not had a paranormal Christmas, but do believe that anything is possible. :)

North of Need sounds fantastic. I'd love to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

Laura Kaye said...

Yay, Barbara! Glad it sounds good to you! :) Thanks for commenting!

Stacey Kennedy said...

Congrats to Barbara for winning an ebook copy of North of Need. And to Joanne for winning the romance trading cards. Laura will be in contact with you soon! ;-)

Laura Kaye said...

Congratulations Barbara and Joanne! And thanks to Stacey and Paranormal Romantics for hosting me!