Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding Inspiration in Song by Becca Dale

Welcome to Friday’s stop on the Decadent Publishing’s Speculative Fiction blog tour. Today, in honor of the LA based band behind the Run Devil Run anthology and my own story from that work called “Can’t Stop Me,” let’s talk a bit about the muse of music.

Inspiration can come from many places. My muse has directed me down some interesting paths simply by pointing out people on the street. With “Can’t Stop Me” the inspiration was preordained by my publisher, but it worked like flipping a switch. As soon as I read Run Devil Run’s lyrics for the song “Can’t Stop Me” my characters began to form and by the third reading, they were fairly solid in my head. Once I actually heard the music, the pace of the story settled in as well, and I realized that the characters had to race across the country to save themselves and the world.

I am not a big music lover but strangely lyrics often launch my thoughts. Some authors actually make playlists for each book and listen to the songs while they write. I am the type of person who gets sidetracked easily – look something shiny – so I can’t do that because the instrumental part is distracting to me until the parameters of the story are solid and in place. However, until recently, I did not realize how often song lyrics are an underlying source of ideas whether for pace, tone, or storyline. “Heart Desires” = an Andy Gibb tune, “I Just Want to be Your Everything.” “Erotic Healing” = Beauty from Pain” by Superchick. “Kya’s King” = Disney’s “Once Upon a Dream.” There are many others but these are the ones that jump out at me. The age and/or sophistication level of some of these songs say way too much about me, as well, but I am trying to block that part.

With “Can’t Stop Me” not only did the song set the pace, the lyrics spoke to me with such strength of character and passion that Luca and Kern could do no less. So I offer my thanks to the members of Run Devil Run and to every other musical artist who has enable the muse to inspire this basically tone deaf author with their words and beat. My thanks also to the talented authors of Paranormal Romantics for allowing me to drop by today. I lift a toast to you ladies as well.

If you had a chance to thank your inspiration who or what would you lift your glass to? Share with me for a chance to win a copy of the eBook “Can’t Stop Me” or any of my other Decadent Publishing titles, a personalized gift from me as well as an autograph from the man on the cover, the ever adorable Jackie Joyride from Run Devil Run. In addition you will be entered for a chance to win three months of free membership to Decadent Publishing’s book club. So many gifts for so little effort. Winners will be drawn Monday, January 30, 2012.

Blurb “Can’t Stop Me.

Prophecy proclaims a child of three worlds will lead the strong one to victory. Threatened by the church since birth and imprisoned by Lucifer’s elite force for over five years, Kernan Malanous represents demons, angels, and mankind, but who will be the strong one—God, Lucifer, or someone intent on overthrowing them both?

Born the blind daughter of the greatest mediums in history, Luca Alexander sees more than anyone suspects. Screams of the damned slash at her sanity as demonic visitors hide a stranger in her home. To quiet the horror echoing from the underworld, she seeks the prisoner’s soothing thoughts, offering him peace while finding her own.

When the devil’s top gun comes to reclaim his prize, Luca risks her life to liberate the pure soul in her attic, but Kern won’t leave his beautiful innocent at the mercy of the merciless. Desperate, the young couple flees with hell on their heels. Unrestricted for the first time in their lives, Luca and Kern discover rare joy in one another, but all good has its counterpart. Torn between personal peril and world-wide destruction, will the young lovers run from fate or take a stand to fight and live as free beings?

Becca Dale - Naughty Enough


Jessica Subject said...


I think it's amazing how inspiring music can be and how one line can be the beginning of an entire story.

For me, The Veronicas inspire many of my stories, but recently "Eighteen" by a local band, The Lines Between inspired one of the stories I wrote.

All the best!

Shiela Stewart said...

Love the excerpt!

Music has always been a huge catalyst in my creative process. I mostly listen to dance music which helps get the creative juices flowing. :)

mrs z said...

Any song by Nickelback inspires me. But "If Today Was Your Last Day" would probably be my inspiration song.

Music has so much magic that there is something for everyone for any mood in any circumstance.

Becca Dale said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I will have to check out some of the songs you mentioned. As I said, I can't actually listen to the songs when I'm writing until I know what I want, only read the lyrics, but I agree music can be motivation. I actually crank the eighties tunes when I need to get stuff done like clean house.