Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time Warped-A Review

For the record, while I read books CONSTANTLY, I almost never review them publically. Why? Well, because as a writer I find it goes against my instincts to want to support other writers if I say anything at all that could be construed as unflattering about their work. Also, I am always worried about hurting someone’s feeling since I was once asked to review a book, I did, honestly, because I don’t see the point of un-truthful reviews, and that person got angry wit me.

But, Tracey L Pacelli contacted me on Facebook and asked me to review her book entitled Time Warped and I agreed to do it, as long as she understood that I would give the book my fairest review and that might not be glowing. She said she wanted truthful reviews and we agreed that I’d post my review here.

So, now that you have background as to why Rebecca Royce is reviewing a book.

Now for a blurb:

In her Bible-thumping town, Lanie Landry is a teen misfit without a cause. After a tragic accident that kills her adopted mother, Lanie escapes from the hospital where she was admitted for psychological observation. At a service station she accepts shelter from a kindly old woman.

The next morning she awakens to find herself in the violent ward of an insane asylum in 1969. How can she escape this horrible nightmare? Remarkably, in the most awful of all places, Lanie finds her biological mother and falls in love with a mysterious inmate.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. I think overall Ms. Pacelli created a unique world with a character I enjoyed spending time with.

The beginning of the book particularly shined for me. I loved the descriptions of her mother, the principal, and ultimately her too-perky psychiatrist. I loved how she described Satan calling to her from the box to pull the fire alarm.

She’s a quirky character, quick to judge and fast with a snarky remark. I could feel that she was a misfit in her home and the level of desperation she had to be enduring.

The scenes do jump from one to the next without a lot of warning that we are changing locations. I sometimes had a hard time figuring out where we were in relation to time and space. But, the book is called Time Warped. I came to believe that some of the disjointed feelings the book gave me where purposeful. That’s how the main character is feeling as well.

I think that snarky has been somewhat over done in UF and YA in general but while I felt that Lanie sometimes approached that line, for me she never crossed it.

I highly recommend this book and I expect to see great things from this author. Thanks for asking me to review it.

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