Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

Forgive me for flaking out for the past few weeks on my post day here at Paranormal Romantics, I've been uber-busy.

I went on vacation. Saw lots of sights.

Even went to a few museums (I, for one, love museums and yes, that's a tornado...indoors).

Attended the RT Convention in Chicago. Got lots of great books and met lots and lots of fabulous people.

Though I'm still scratching my head over the small flatscreen tv's embedded in the mirrors of one of the bathrooms at the convention hotel.

And I've been furiously preparing for the release of my next book - my 13th one in fact, darn good thing I'm not suspicious - which releases tomorrow at Ellora's Cave!

There's nothing paranormal about Chasing Sin - unless you count storms that seem to always find my characters. Rather, I think, my characters have a knack for getting themselves in trouble. LOL Both with storms and matters of sex and love.

Ever want to know what it's like to chase a tornado? You can find out today, as the entire first chapter of Chasing Sin is going to be posted on my site (after 8:30 am EST): Come visit and get sucked in!


Annie Nicholas said...

And we got to finally meet in person!!

Sara Brookes said...

Yes! Loved meeting you SO much, Annie!