Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you believe in angels?

I do. My name is Deena Remiel, and I believe in angels. I haven't seen any personally, mind you, but I like the idea of angels among us, protecting us from harm. There are some pretty compelling stories out there that people have shared. Life and death stories where something intervened to save them from certain death. How does one explain that, other than to say that something paranormal occurred?

So, it got me thinking a couple of years ago. Have you ever noticed that evil deeds ebb and flow? How, for a while, all we hear about is horrendous violations of human rights? And then it subsides and we hear more philanthropic, peaceful news.What if angels do walk among us, protecting us, healing us, but also fighting against evil for the sake of humankind?  And so, these observations and musings led me to create the world of the Brethren. Nine angels contracted to manifest on earth for this very purpose. Three Protectors, three Healers, and three Warriors. 
Trinity (The Brethren Series)Relic (The Brethren Series)Brethren Beginnings Volume 1

I love the world I created. I know there's a lot of evil in it, and bad things happen. Such is the way of our own world. But there's also hope, love, and redemption. Human nature is tested, flaws are exploited, but evil is eventually vanquished and the good remain sovereign.

I'm pleased to have joined this wonderful blog, and it's fine cadre of authors, that focuses attention on all things paranormal. I look forward to presenting my corner of the paranormal realm to you each month.

Angels really do exist. Evil better start running!
Deena Remiel


Annie Nicholas said...

I believe in something. I just haven't defined it yet. :D

Voirey Linger said...

I believe in angels, and in demons. My father and grandfather were both pastors so I was brought up with a strong belief in good vs. evil.

J Hali Steele said...

I believe.

Deena said...

I believe there are times when science and medicine can't explain or correct abhorrent behavior, so belief in evil and good steps in.

Rebecca Royce said...

I'm never exactly sure what I believe. But I love the idea.

Tina B said...

Welcome, Deena! I look forward to reading your posts. I do believe in something, just not sure how to explain it. Like the others above.
I loved your series so far and look forward to reading the next book. ;)

Deena said...

Tina, thank you so much for your welcoming arms. :) Can't wait to put Nathanael, I mean ELIXXIR, in your hands. ;)

Deena said...

Rebecca, thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are plenty of things I'm not sure about. ;)