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Guest Post - Kerrianne Coombes

Fellow paranormal author, Kerrianne Coombes is guesting here for me today, celebrating her newest paranormal release!



Beauty and the Beast Demon Tales book 1


In Beauty and the Beast there are quite a few action packed scenes. Each one an absolute thrill for me to write. I adore writing the ‘fun’ scenes as I call them. And I wanted to share with you my favourite one.

Cally’s mother is a complete bitch, and I just loved writing her. She is nasty, cold and utterly vicious. I think I smiled the entire time I wrote her scenes. evil laugh I think I have an inner evil queen. ;-) Anyway, in this scene, Cally has finally found her voice and is trying—for the first time ever—to tell her mother what she truly thinks of her…It doesn’t exactly go as planned. ...

“To whom do you speak with that tone, daughter dear?” The sweet slide to her mother’s voice sent spiders crawling throughout Cally’s blood. Her mother took a slow step in Cally’s direction, and a smile tracked across her painted mouth. “How dare you tell me what to do?”
Cally forced her feet to stay still. Her mind screamed for her to flee, the little terrified girl inside her, begger her to apologize and to back away. But she steeled herself against her mother’s cruel smile and fought the almost uncontrollable urge to cower. This was what she had wanted—a moment alone with her mother—a moment to mete out all of the violence that clogged up her heart. But as she stared at the advancing woman all of her violent plans fell from her mind, leaving her blank and fearful.
“Please don’t make me marry him!” The words tumbled from her mouth. Her heart thudded heavily when she heard herself begging. She took a step back and hated her weakness, so much for forcing herself to stay still.
Her mother smiled, and this time Cally saw genuine enjoyment in her mother’s expression. Cold, hard dread sat suddenly in Cally’s stomach.
“You will do what is good for you, Callindra,” her mother replied. She stopped advancing and flicked her gaze to Cally’s head. The pain from the newly removed horns suddenly returned, making Cally gasp. She raised her hands to her raw scalp and winced as the nerves began to jangle anew. “You will do as I say.” Her mother laughed a cackling sound and Cally knew her mother was using magic to cause her pain. A wind began to swirl within the sealed room, papers flew around, and the curtains framing the window flapped frantically. Cally staggered backwards, still gripped by pain. The hot stabs of agony ripped into her mind, causing Cally’s legs to buckle.
Her mother laughed, throwing her head back, clearly amused by Cally’s distress. “You are an abomination!” she roared over the swirling wind. “You are a worthless runt—a mistake. You have earned me nothing but headache. But now, for once, you will be useful. You will be the perfect tool to get me a larger castle—more lands—more wealth.” The wind suddenly stopped, and silence fell. Cally leant against the oak desk, still clenching her teeth against the agony ripping through her skull. Her breaths sawed from her lungs as the pain stole her control. She gripped the edge of the desk and suppressed the need to cry. This time there was no stopping her mother.

When Princess Callindra of Tempath, wakes up hog-tied and bruised in the bowels of hell, she realizes that her plan to escape her up-coming marriage has gone horribly wrong. Her only hope of escape comes in the form of Brigg, cursed Rain Demon and bitter, human hating bastard. But beggars can’t be choosers.
When Brigg finds himself in possession of a human and a horde of angry demons desperate to get her back, he flees. When he realizes that she is the daughter of the witch that cursed him and his family, he believes that he has finally got the opportunity he has been hoping for. The only thing he must decide now is what is more important to him, the reversal of the curse, or revenge?
Neither one are prepared for the flame that ignites between them. But will the spark be enough to break to the curse that holds them apart

You can also find it on Barnes and Noble, AllRomance.

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Alix Cameron said...

Fantastic snippet, I love the evil queen in you.

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Can't wait to check it out.

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Happy Release Day!

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Thanks for popping by guys x Kerrianne Coombes