Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm going with awesome

There's a time in everyone's life when they decide if they are going to live life or if they are going to be rocking awesome.

I've decided on awesome.

Why have I decided to make this monumental decision in my life? The turning point came around Christmas. I was stressed, life was changing and though there were soooo many wonderful things in my life, all I saw were the things making me bonkers. My husband took me aside and pointed out the great things and really made me look at my life and I realized, I was living an awesome life...just didn't have the attitude to match.

So, I changed my thinking--and if you think that was easy, you're not completely wrong. Taking a turn for awesome isn't necessarily difficult, but it does take diligence. A few 'being awesome' tips I've found that really work for me.

Don't Dwell: Can you fix it today? Will replaying the conversation over and over in your head change the way the encounter went down? If the answer is no, let it go. There's value in planning and retrospect, but not a whole lot.

Do Something Spontaneous--for someone else: Did your friend have a baby eight months ago? Pick up a pack of diapers for them and drop them off with a cup of coffee and listen to them, don't puke up your own problems (if they have a newborn, they're at capacity for vomit). Are you price matching at the store and the person in front of you has a similar item? Offer to share! It doesn't take a lot to do this one. It's little things that give you human interaction and human smiles. Making other people smile adds glitter to your own life.

Be Willing to be a new Best Friend: This one is tricky, especially because people can be so darn crazy, but give it a go. It's easy to close off in times of stress. Open up, but don't make it about you! That mom you walk to school with on occasion? Invite her and her kiddos over for pizza one night! Nice family at church? Invite them over for dinner and get to know them. You might hit it off and have a fantastic new friendship. Or not. Either way, you opened up that shell and when that happens, you let awesome in and out.

It doesn't take too much to be awesome. When you do get to that point when you're seeing life as great, share the view and invite others to jump up too. Some things really are meant to be shared.

All the best!!

Stephanie Beck


Annie Nicholas said...

That last one scares me. LOL You are a brave woman and I admire your awesomeness. :D

Sondrae Bennett said...

I love this blog post. It's so easy to forget about all the awesome things happening. Although, I'm with Annie, that last one is scary. But I suppose even if it is, it could become a great scene in a book, lol.

steph beck said...

I agree that the last one is scary! It's a toughie because some people...good golly! But Sondrae, you're right about it being fuel for writing. Life is crazier than fiction!

Stephanie Beck

Rebecca Royce said...

I loved this blog today.

J Hali Steele said...

Steph, welcome! Loved this blog, and you're right -- that new best friend thing can be 'awesome'!

Deena said...

Steph, you're awesome! Thanks for reminding us that we all can be awesome by focusing on the positives in our lives and paying it forward, in a way. Mwuaah!