Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Tess Jennings from the Frostbite series!

It’s a funny thing really, but I can’t remember how Tess’s characters came to me. But I do remember how strongly she came through. I was working on another project at the time Tess appeared, and I was so intrigued by her character that I immediately jumped in to write her first story, SUPERNATURALLY KISSED.

So, who is Tess Jennings? Well, I recently read this review from Paromantasy.

Tess is as witty as ever. I love that she is so perfectly flawed and relatable. She has grown to trust her instincts and her abilities and now embraces the ghosts she once ignored. She is in no way fearless as she quakes in her boots each time she is faced with scary situations, this time with a demon, but she is courageous in that she fights her fears and does what she has to do. She doesn't have to worry to much with her ghostly lover by her side.

And I have to say that Evie’s view on Tess is exactly how I see her, too. Evie’s description of Tess had me doing a fist pump, because it does feel pretty awesome when someone “gets” your character like you do.

Tess has always been in my mind a very real character. She doesn’t go into any of her adventures with guns blazing. She looks for the quickest exit possible. In SUPERNATURALLY KISSED, we see the journey Tess goes through while she starts to accept her path of helping ghosts cross over. But in DEMONICALLY TEMPTED, we see that acceptance is bringing her deeper into a world she doesn’t want to go.

For Tess, her ability wasn’t anything she ever wanted. She’s now trying to catch up and understand how she got herself into her messy life. While there are parts to the supernatural world that Tess is only learning about, she is finally realizing that she has a responsibility she can’t run from.

On the other side of that, Tess dives into those adventures no matter how scary they are. It doesn’t matter if there is a killer on the loose, or a demon she has to face down, or ghosts who won’t leave her alone, she always pushes on. And that’s what I love about her. She has a strong side that she doesn’t even knows is there. It’s going to be quite an emotional adventure seeing Tess come into her own. Watching her find peace in not only her abilities to talk to ghosts, but deal with all the craziness that is making her happily-ever-after a real challenge to get to.

But my favorite side of Tess Jennings is her ability to find humor in most things. It doesn’t 
matter what the situation is, how frustrated she is with the world around her, she always has a lot of snarky attitude to offer up. And that is simply fun to be around!

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Rebecca Royce said...

I love your writing Stacey, no matter which series it is. Are you as funny in person as your characters are?

Stacey Kennedy said...

Aw, Rebecca! I love you. Really I do!, I'm a goof and am known to make a complete ass out of myself--often! ;D