Thursday, May 24, 2012

Of Dragons and Things

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When I was a child, I was obsessed with fairy tales. There was nothing in the world like them. Action. Adventure. A known villain (so much better than the confusion of day to day life in elementary never knew when you were the epic hero or the evil villain...on the playground and off). Swords. Sorcery. Mayhem! I was in reading heaven.

Move on to preteen angst and teenager love and it was Labyrinth, Legend, Willow, Vampire Hunter D, the magic of Kindred the Embraced (in my vampire phase), and Beauty and the Beast (the TV series),

There was just one problem.

The women were waiting to be saved. Some of the female characters were in strong positions but they were at the mercy of both the villain and the hero. While that led to some sexy tension, it definitely left me wanting. This was pre-Buffy, DarkAngel, and many other fantastic ladies who could kick some butt.

Why did the princess have to be at the mercy of the dragon and wait for the hero to rescue her? I always imagined ways she would team up with the dragon and go on other adventures. They were always hilarious and full of danger. Campy. Making fun of conventional character roles.

When I was faced with the reality of being a full-time writer, I was completely stumped. What would be my first big project? Self-doubt is a killer on creativity. When it got to be the worst, I decided to write the fairy tales I'd always wanted to read...with a sexy adult flair, of course. ;)

So I did. And Dash Ryan, dragon prince, stepped into existence. Bold alpha male. Delicious. Trapped in a spell for five hundred years. Waiting for someone to rescue him ;).

Princess Tasminia barely escapes marriage (and a horrible groom-to-be) to find herself in an enchanted room with very sexy and naked man. Chained. At her mercy.

Oh my. It sure got hot from there. No Dragon, No Problem was born.

Dash said it best when he told Tasminia...A woman is the heart of magic...

CONTEST! Leave a comment to be included in a drawing. Winner gets a copy of No Dragon, No Problem. In comments tell us what your favorite fantasy book or story was growing up. Did you get lost in Labyrinth? Fall into fiction with Anne McCaffrey? I'm dying to know, readers! Contest ends at noon CST on the 26th. Good luck!

One bound man. One desperate princess. A curse. And dragons? WTF may never be the same.

WTF Dragon: In the fairytale kingdom of Werthing Ton Fallorian (or WTF for short), fairytale folk have gone insane. With the imps of lust and wickedness on a rampage, no one is safe. Five Princesses, Five Dragons. A coincidence? I don't think so.

The Motive: Princess Tasminia deSoto has had it with her stepmother's horrid matchmaking. Tricking the princess into a surprise wedding with the narcissistic Baron Winterwood from a neighboring kingdom (of the same name) is the final straw. If only there was a dragon to be sacrificed to!

The Idea: Desperation forces her to enlist the aid of the notorious Dash Ryan, illusionist and con artist for hire. Surely the wildly entertaining (and sexy) rogue can come up with something believable. And if a princess can find a little sexual education on the side... well... that's just a plus.

The Twist: Dash Ryan has a few secrets of his own. Secrets he's more than willing to exploit for just a taste of the princess's sexual awakening. But will one taste be enough?

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Have a fantastic rest of your week, readers! May you find a book that sweeps you off your feet. Keep reading!

Dawn Montgomery


Selena Illyria said...

I love this series, so clever, sexy and fun!

I'm just now finding my groove with fairy tales and it's such a fun ride. It really go kicked into high gear with the TV Series, Once Upon a Time.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration. :-)

Fayth Devlin said...

Great post Dawn!! I absolutely love the rose picture above with the words. Love. Love. Love. And yes, Labyrinth was huge in my house (my sister who is about 6 years older than me) LOVED that movie. We were huge David Bowie fans (still are *shush*).

For me, the most influential thing I remember growing up (aside from Stephen King novels strewn about me), was Twin Peaks. I'm a HUGE Lynch fan. TP isn't quite paranormal, it had an eerie feel to it with the mystery and the possession they delved into.

I love you book No Dragon, No Problem. You are a fantastic story teller, sexy and imaginative, and I look forward to your next release.

(Not here to enter, just to support)

Kim Knox said...

I discovered Dragonflight when I was about 12. Read it twice over a weekend. Absolutely loved it.

I agree with you on the being impatient with the heroine who has to be saved. I'm all for heroines who defeat the bad guy, save themselves and the hero...and the hero is cool with that :)

I love a hero who's proud of how strong his heroine his :D

According to Ditter said...

Dawn...Even though I have read No Dragon No Problem, I just got caught up in it again!! I absolutely LOVED that book! Dash is one of the sexiest Heros in books today! I can't wait for book two's release!! Keep writing Dawn...dont ever stop! Much love!

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Selena: I ADORE Once Upon a Time. Definitely inspirational. Can't wait to see the two Snow White movies this summer!

@Fayth Twin Peaks! OMG I haven't thought of that one in a while. For me it was Tales From the Crypt. I adored that show. :D Thank you for coming by hon! And the compliments as well. Thank you. :)

@Kim Knox Dragonflight! You know the first dragon book I ever picked up was The White Dragon. At the time it clicked with me. I inhaled it, read it several opened up a whole new world of sci fi and fantasy. And I like a man who's proud of his woman's strengths. :D

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Ditter That is the best compliment in the world. I hope you love book 2 as much as you do 1! Muah!!

Annie Nicholas said...

I love Ruth. The White Dragon was my first dragon book too. If I were to ever have a drop down screaming fangirl moment it would be at Anne McCaffery's feet.

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Annie I know what you mean! I sent her an email back in '99 about me wanting to be a writer and she gave me such an inspirational push. The lady was incredible. said...

heh WTF Dragon? I love it! Awesome post Dawn.

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Sascha Thanks honey! I chuckle every time I work in the WTF kingdom. Thanks for reading hon.

Savannah Chase said...

Wonderful post. I have the book in my reading pile...Can't wait to get to it.

I think I love fairy tales because it is sweet and the romance is just different. Even though things are not always perfect in the end the two are together and things are ok..It is something we all want in life, true love and to be happy.

Pam said...

I have been in love with vampires ever since I was a little girl. Dark Shadows was one of my favorite series in junior high and high school. Then there was Buffy, Angel, The Lost Boys, Twilight ,Lara Adrian's series,and of course The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Hot, sexy vampires is where it was at for me.

However Dawn Montgomery have introduced me to new avenues of pleasure.....Primal Hunger was so hot and now No Dragon No Problem with Dash...Lord Have Mercy, he is some kind of hot....Thank you for broadening my horizons...I loved both of those books.

Tonya Lyn said...

Dawn, love the blog. Who could not love Labrinth & Legend. Even now I have introduced my nieces to those movies.

I have enjoyed reading all your books and will continue to read anything you send my way.

Keep writing so I can keep reading!!!

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Savannah I love getting wrapped up in fairy tales and happy endings. I just get annoyed b/c no one says anything else after. LOL! But I still love reading them.

@Pammie Thank you so much sweetheart. I adore a great vampire novel and series. Anything to do with half vamp/half human hunters gets me every time! I'm glad you like's hoping Shane can light your fire too! Hugs! Muah!

@Tonya I *just* introduced my youngest to Labyrinth this past weekend. It was amazing to see his eyes light up at the puppets. And we're giggling with delight b/c we're picking up the harry potter series. He's at the age now where it'll mesmerize him and I can't wait!!! Hugs! Keep reading hon! You know I'll keep writing!!!

Qwillia Rain said...

I have to admit it was quite the flashback for me to think about Legend and Labyrinth. Loved David Bowie in Labyrinth and adored Tim Curry in Legend ... Tom Cruise (yawn).
As for the books that fed my imagination when I was a kid: The Wrinkle in Time series by Madeline L'Engle (I loved how strong Meg was and adored how smart and fun Charles Wallace could be. Denis and Sandy (the twins) were so normal, but they had their moments). Later in high school I moved on to Dean R. Koontz and Stephen King as well as Edgar Allen Poe (not fairy tales, but definitely in the paranormal realms).

I never had a problem with the princesses needing rescue because I never was the princess...too boring. LOL

Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Dawn.


Dawn Montgomery said...

@Qwillia Tim Curry was my favorite from Legend!!! So tortured with his love. Absolutely wicked.

I forgot about the Wrinkle in Time books...Did you ever read the Grey King series? Or Darkangel?

I inhaled Dean Koontz in high school. Stephen King was a summer obsession. I can't remember all the others, but you definitely brought back memories.

Thanks for commenting!

Rebecca Royce said...

I think my earliest memories of Dragons have to be from The NeverEnding Story and a Wrinkle in Time. SO glad to have you here.

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Rebecca Fantasy in general is so awesome. I adored The NeverEnding story so much! It's awesome to be here hon. I love this place!

Gabrielle Lee said...

So hard to pick a favorite I loved them all from Labyrinth to Legend and Never Ending Story.I devoured Pern and any other books of the kind. I always wanted to be in their worlds.

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Gabrielle So did I. And I wanted my own firelizard!

Liz S. said...

Love, love, love dragon stories! Anne McCaffery, Melanie Rawn, G.A.Aiken all wrote wonderful dragon stories. I lthink your story about the dragon prince needing rescue is a hoot! Enjoyed your post very much. Thanks for the contest!

Kanya said...

My favourite was definetely Labyrinth. Ah, Jareth... Who can resist a man with makeup an a full can of hairspray in his hair? Lol!
Thanks for the chance to win, Dawn! I can't wait to read more about WTF, so I'm adding your book to my TBR list.
Kanya ;)

Melissa P. said...

I loved reading about your inspirations in writing this book. Although I always loved fairy tales, much like you growing up I got tired of the heroines waiting to be rescued. I always wanted the heroine to rescue herself. The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time and The Hobbit began my life long love for the genre in both books and film. Now, I love to read about strong woman who don't wait around for life to happen to them.

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Liz S. So glad you enjoyed the post! I completely forgot about Melanie Rawn! Thanks for reminding me. :D Good luck in the contest!

@Kanya That man could wear glittery cloth and leggings and just make it look sexy!

@Melissa P. That's the best part about this generation of movies, books, and television. Strong women who still feel, get hurt, fall in love (and out)'s definitely a great time to be reader. Real life wise...I got tired of waiting for life to happen to me and started making my own way. And I've never looked back.

Melisse Aires said...

I loved all those same TV shows, adn was crazy about Dark Angel and Buffy. As a girl I read Ann McCaffery like crazy. Also loved the Andre Norton Witchworld books. I have written a little fantasy romance, maybe I'll get something ready to sub somewhere.

Stacey Brutger said...

I havn't read Anne McCaffery in a long time. I loved both her dragon and crystal series!

I used to read a lot of Pierce Anthony as well when I was younger. Wow, that feels so long ago. lol

Dawn Montgomery said...

@Melisse Loved Buffy and Dark Angel! Good luck hon!

@Stacey The Crystal Singer Trilogy (specifically Killashandra) are my go-to comfort books when everything goes nuts in my life. You know I read a lot of Piers Anthony too, but not really until high school.