Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A unicorn is just a horse with a horn...

Please form an orderly line. Stop pushing at the back!
(The second from the right is mine, in case you're wondering...)

So yeah, most people know I'm a horsey person. And if you didn't, well...then you know now. :)
I tend to spend my time with my 10 year old Paso Fino gelding. He's dapple gray and would make a great looking unicorn -- but I'm glad he isn't, because he doesn't watch where he puts that noggin of his. Adding a horn would only get me skewered every five seconds, which isn't my mission in life.

Most people think a unicorn is just a horse with a horn. Pretty, but nothing more than a horse.
However, there are characteristics which differentiate unicorns from horses -- and it's more than just the horn.

© Silke Juppenlatz
Of course, there is the horn. That's a given. But there is also...the beard. Yes, unicorns have a beard. A goatee, like...well, a goat.
They have a long, slender tail, with a tuft at the end. Very much not like a horse's tail.
And then...then there are the cloven hooves. Horses don't have those, either. Cows do. Goats do. Sheep do.
And unicorns do.
Color of those hooves is usually gold, as is the horn. Either that, or pure mother-of-pearl white.

So there you have the major differences between a unicorn and a horse.
Except, of course, unicorns don't exist.
Or... they?
I've seen images of one-horned deer. :) Perhaps it was something like it, sparking off people's imagination.
You tell me... :) I just think they are gorgeous.

While my next book doesn't involve a unicorn...the one I'm working on right now does.
No idea if it will ever see the light of day, but hey...stranger things have happened!

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