Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Even with the holidays, and deadlines, fast approaching, I've managed to visit a place that I've been neglecting quite a bit: my TBR pile. Oddly enough, I'm surprised every time I rediscover that reading actually helps me write.

I forget that it takes me mind off my own works and allows me to spend an hour or so (though, to be honest, I'm lucky to get in a 1/2 hour of reading a day with the desk job and family stuff happening) in someone else's world.

I forget that it gives me a break on my stuff and allows plot points that I may be stuck on to just magically fall into place.You're probably wondering how I can forget something like this, right? Well, it's easy to get wrapped up in getting words down on paper, sorting out character details/flaws, etc.

Sometimes it's important to remember that you have to take a step back and just...breathe.

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