Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Happiness, Heroic Hijinks (and a Contest)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Happy Holidays, no matter which you celebrate, or don't! Happy Birthday to any of you with December birthdays! Also, of course, happy End Of The Mayan Calendar day!

The kids have this week off, and we'll be doing all the classic holiday things with them. We'll visit grandparents, overeat, and exchange presents. Best of all, we'll be visited by my neice, Gabrielle. She's just finished her Air Force training, and is coming home for the holidays to spend some leave. We're all terribly proud of her, and can't wait to have her back to make much of.

On to the Hijinks! As I alluded to earlier, today's the Big Day, the whole Mayan 'end of the world' thing. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but the wife is a big Doctor Who fan. I couldn't enjoy the show as a kid; I'd seen Star Wars first, and the FX were just too corny. Recently, several sources pointed me at the newer series, and I've gotten hooked. Now, I know what you're asking: how does this relate to 'end of the world day'?

Simple. This evening, at 12:01, all of us Doctor Who fans need to run outside and shout "Doctor! You've saved us all again! Thank you!"

Seriously. The Ur-Goth and I are going to. You wouldn't let us do it all alone, would you?

I see some of you looking at me with The Hairy Eyeball and muttering 'he said there would be a contest'. There is, or rather, there *has been* a contest. It's currently going on over here, and today is the last day. Go, take a look, I'll wait.

Well, there you have it. Holiday Happiness, Hijinks, and a contest. That's it for me for today.

See you all back here next year!

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