Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is it a furby??? Or a flesh eating creature???

Today, I'm talking about making believe out of the reality or in my case - world building. I'm working on a new sci-fi so I'm elbow deep in developing a world. Planets – how many? What are they liked? What lives on them? Etc. Since I'm a big fan of not reinventing the wheel I look for inspiration in things that already exist.

You'd never guess my mouth is full of razor
sharp teeth
The picture shows a cute little furby something you would want to give a child to cuddle BUT in the second book in my young adult series - The Warrior Queen they morphed into deadly flesh eating creatures of the underworld. The humpback angel fish lives in my sci-fi world – I mean how could it not? I'm still developing the charactists and it's role. It will play a part in the farming community and will probably not be a fish but some sort of herding animal.

I'm going to develop 6 legs and I'm
going herd Llamas
Writing is all about taking something 'normal' and adding a dash of your imagination. An ordanry couple becomes interesting when dead bodies start showing up in their bathtub. A dreaded boring business trip becomes life altering when the CEO's of the competing companies are kidnapped by terrorist. Of course, they find each other incredibly attractive;)

What were some of your favorite everyday situations that an author twisted into an exciting plot?

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