Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Devil Inside Me... by Deena Remiel

Before anyone sends the men with the straight jacket or a priest to exorcise me, let me just say that I am not really possessed. No, I've just succumbed to a bad case of an inflamed gall bladder laden with one huge, honker of a stone. A stone actually measuring 5 centimeters! What a royal pain in the gut it's been.
But on December 5th, I got to put on that beautiful hospital get-up over there on the left and have the mighty devil removed. All of it, stone and organ all. How's THAT for battling the evil within? For anyone who's had issues with a gall bladder, you know what's it's like to have "episodes." I feel as triumphant as... as... Who am I kidding?
I don't really feel triumphant yet. I'm still trying to live through the day without any medicine and a wonderful  heating pad to fight the pain of the extended incision by my sternum and upper right ribs. I'm still trying to eat more than a palmful of food in one sitting. I'm still trying to go to sleep in a normal position and return to just plain, old normal.
I know, everyday I get a little better. Trouble is, I haven't experienced pain like this, even with the 2 births of my daughters. It's tough to handle sometimes. So, until the pain is gone and I can do all I did before, I still feel the devil inside my gut laughing at my every wince and trip to the bathroom. I know, however, that in the end, the GOOD my surgeon did will win out over the EVILS of a body starting to feel its age.

You know who else is fighting the evil within? Camille Dutton, the Book Waitress. She's the heroine of my latest urban fantasy series, The Book Waitress, and things are really heating up in the second installment, Devil Du Jour. In just a few months, the third part will be released, Demon A La Mode. I'll hang on to my heating pad while you all hang on to your seats. It's a crazy ride! Check her out- The Book Waitress is free on Amazon, and Devil Du Jour is only  $1.99.

Next month, I hope to be stronger and pain-free, and ready to help you stand up to YOUR devils within. ;)



Annie Nicholas said...

Get well, Deena. Been there before. Just take your time recovering.

Deena said...

Thanks so much, Annie! Looking forward to the winter break to continue healing. :)

Sheryl Nantus said...

Been there, done that - I hear your pain totally... mine had glowing crystals inside!


Just take care, don't be afraid to take the GOOD drugs and go slow...