Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Bundled Up With A Vampire And A Zombie!

I can't believe how long this winter has felt. And some folks are still getting hounded with snow. Just so not right! So when the news came in that Decadent Publishing were bundling my Tales from the Coffin books, I instantly felt cozy and warm.
Not because any sane person would want to be bundled up with Estella and Lucy--the story tellers from this series--but because it sounded like such a deal for my readers. Under a dollar for each book? AWESOME! 
And they make great winter stories. Not because they're so steamy they'll heat the frostiest heart (yeah, they are steamy, but that's not the reason). And not because the romance is so endearing you'll get warm fuzzies (the stories are romantic, but void of all HEAs so, yeah). The reason why I think they are perfect reads for the winter? Because they make you grateful for the roaring fire you are sat beside, and for the cozy warmth of your home. And they are perfect reading material while snuggling under a blanket with a hot cup of something tasty.Yeah. Estella and Lucy are cold bitaches who would see you in their basement given half the chance. And trust me, that is not a fate you want for yourself.

Not sure what I mean... yeah, come take a walk into my weird and wonderful world of Estella and Lucy's basement and let me 'show' you.

All The Pretty Faces

SNIPPET ONE, from Estella's story
The bimbo knew nothing about the paranormal and thought an EVP meter was a “flux capacitor ghost-catching thingamabob.” A dumb fake-blonde fresh out of acting school. Maybe it’s actors I have a problem with? Nah. She’d known others, but Debra was the only one she ever wanted to smack over the head with a clapper board while shouting “cut the bitch.”
“We’re out of time. From the York Castle Prison, it’s good night from me and good night from Debra. Wishing you all sour dreams and hoping the bed bugs bite...hard.”
“And we’re out.” The show was now off-air.
Walker cheered, his whoop void of excitement. “And yet again, we didn’t catch anything. Surprise. We’re in the most haunted city in the UK, and we’ve got nothing. Not even in a thousand year old castle turned prison where people died
4All the Pretty Faces
heinously. Dick Turpin, the highwayman, didn’t even make an appearance to hold us up. It’s a joke.”
“One of these days, we’ll experience something so supernaturally spectacular it will beat the skeptic out of you...maybe even leave bruises.” She made a beeline for Walker.

SNIPPET TWO, from Estella's POV
Stopping at Walker, a sly grin broke free. “Got a little greedy for paranormal proof, didn’t you?” She stuck out a long, spindly finger and pointed at his nose. “See where that got you. A VIP invite to supper at Estella’s. She leaned forward and touched his lips with hers. “Hmmm. I forgot what a man’s lips feel like.” Her canines pierced plump flesh.
Sinking. Warm. Tasty.
Blood streamed down onto her pink Victorian dress, and metallic fluid swirling in her mouth, arousing her hunger. She stepped back and cocked her head to one side to evaluate her feelings. Fuck or feed?
“How odd. It seems as if your little adventure tonight has me all horny.”
“Lady, I don’t know who you are, but orgies aren’t my style, so we’ll be leaving now.” A waver in his words betrayed his cocky stance.
She shot out a hand and gripped him around his neck, lifting him off the floor, his feet dangling. “Pfft. Leave? I do believe you are mistaken. You’re never
14All the Pretty Faces
leaving. Not alive anyway. All right, back to food. Who’s first?” “This one has talented fingers, so I think I’ll start with her.” Lucy spread her
jaw wide, dived head first, and snacked down on Debra. Gnawing at her arm, she tore at the epidermis with her blunt teeth and gulped down the slivering chunks. Then bit deeper into the layers, down to the fat and bone. Debra howled, tried to free herself from the feeding frenzy, but Lucy was zoned-out in the land of brain lust. Frantic. Desperate. Lucy ate on, regardless of the struggle her dinner was putting up. Blood squirted over her face and across to YOU, just missing your foot.
“Your table manners suck, dear Lucy. Do I need to get you a steak knife? And for goodness sakes, close your mouth when you chew.” Ignored by the noshing zombie, Estella released Walker, who collapsed in a heap on the floor and gasped for breath. She then turned her attention to Lindsay. “You’re debating making a run for it, leaving the team behind. But you’re also wondering if there’s any point to escaping. Poor little Lindsay. She conquered her last fear only to have another Bored now.” Sigh. “Run. Run. That’s right, I’m giving you a free pass.”

So. Now you see. They are not my typical stories. I reached out and tried something different with these ladies. FYI all my other stories are romances. HEAs and all :)
Talking of which, book one from my selkie romance series should be out later this year. Now that is one super romantic story! SEAL THE DEAL.

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