Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reading on Sunshine! Wolves, Coyotes, Nymphs, and Vampires--oh my!

As an author, it should come as no surprise that I love reading...I love reading so much I've lost hours of sleep night after night for years just to devour the next book in my TBR pile. But one of the drawbacks to being a full time writer means I don't get to read as often as I might like. I went to a conference a couple of weeks ago, spent time with readers and authors and came home with a burning desire to read--particularly several new releases that were scheduled to come out! I also came home with a cold that I haven't been able to shake (due in large part to the fact that we're in allergy hell season at the moment, too!)

Reading in Sunshine

You know the song, Walking on Sunshine?

This is how I feel about reading! This past week, I had the privilege of sharing release day with some of my favorite authors and while I'm on deadlines and  I have so much to do, but I'm setting aside time every day to read--why? Because it's a rare joy that I tend to push aside because of "work" that has to be done. I write books, because I love to read and sometimes, you have to go back to the basics and read, read, read.

Frost Burned
I have loved Patricia Briggs for years, her Mercedes Thompson series ranks as probably one of my favorite series of all time. Every book adds deeper nuances and layers to the world of Mercy, a coyote, and the wolf pack she calls home and the Alpha she loves. Adam and Mercy's romance fills me with hope and admiration--they aren't perfect, but they love each other so much. I devoured Frost Burned in one sitting and it's another exceptional addition to a fantastic world. If you haven't checked out these books, start with Moon Called and prepare yourself for a wonderful new addiction.

Immortal Ever After
Lynsay Sands writes a lot of books, but her Argeaneau vampires are my favorites. While you don't have to read these in order, I would recommend it so you can see the world unfold. Sands' vampires are the descendants (and in some case the actual survivors) of the immortals of Atlantis--a handful who received nano technology that repairs their bodies but requires that they restore their blood supply. They aren't "vampires' of myth and legend, but they are fantastic. This is Anders' book and I'm crazy happy about it almost as much as I was for Christian Notte's book last year!

Wild Invitation

Nalini Singh is a gifted story teller and whether you love her angel books or her psy-changeling series (I adore both), she has a way of drawing you into her world and making it vibrant and alive inside of you. Wild Invitation features two previously published novellas (both of which I adored the first time and loved reading for a second) and two new ones--including one about Walker and Lara. Reading these three books reminds me of exactly why I love reading, why I became an author, and the demand to read them had me setting aside my to do list and chapters to write because I wanted to read.




When I realized that my new series from Samhain would share a release day with these fantastic storytellers, I squee'd like a fangirl. Four days later, I'm still nudging aside the writing I have to do or hurrying to get my chapters in so I can go play in their sandbox, dance in their worlds, and read in sunshine.

What are you reading?

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Tina B said...

Wonderful post, Heather. I love to read! I really don't think about how reading makes me feel, but I have to agree with you about that song. It's awesome! .
I have read the Mercy Thompson series, but haven't had the chance to read the newest one yet. I am glad to hear it is another great addition.
I am currently reading The Ranger by Monica McCarthy and am about to start another one. I like to have 1 print and 1 digital. :)
I hope you feel better soon! And, keep in reading.