Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reading ~ It's good for you

Reading and Writing ~ They go together like peas and carrots ;) People can be avid readers without being writers but I think it's impossible to be a writer without being a reader. And the number one suggestion to newbie writers is to read.
1)    Reading a good book inspires me to write. Not everything I read will spark my plot bunnies, BUT there will be some stories or poems that nurture my plot rabbits.
2)    Reading a good book also instills in me a goal. Not to copy the author's idea but to give my reader the same satisfaction I got.
What should a writer read?
(shrugging) Whatever he/she wants! I know some writers don't like to read books to close to what they write in fear of subconsciously 'borrowing' from the author.  While others love to read their peers work, they feel it sets the standard in their genre. I read whatever catches my eye (the shiny object disorder again).
Actually for 2013, I set monthly 'themes' for my reading (you can visit my blog on Tuesdays for reading list and teasers from my favorites ~ www.http// Doesn't this sound a little OCD for someone who stops in mid-sentence to watch dust dance in the sunlight? The purpose isn't to move me into a Monk-like category but to expand my horizons. There are some genres I've wanted to try but find that when I take a trip to the book store, I don't seem to visit these sections so this was a way to force me to.
For example, I have enjoyed the few – the very few – steampunk books I had read but I rarely really looked for books in this genre. February was devoted entirely to steampunks. Found books I LOVED that I would have never read if I hadn't made it my focus.
What do you read? How do you select your reading material?

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