Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Mercy Moon: Who?

Often, the characters are the first thing we think of for a new story. But in the case of The Mercy Moon, we had to build characters who fit the plot. It was a fun challenge, and one we wanted to share.

There are two protagonists in the story, and they both have very specific roles to play. One, Audamar Marquering, is the reigning king of the wolves, as well as the leader of his clan. The other, Soren Keller, is the newly minted leader of his own clan. Both have been raised to their roles.

Audamar is proud without being prideful, harsh but not overbearing. He doesn’t bend easily. He’s always known he would be king—his clan has been in power for generations. He’s never had to pretend to be anything less than he is.

But Audamar’s role is a lonely one. As king, he’s isolated. A man—a wolf—living alone atop a mountain.

Soren is a mediator by personality. He has always known he would someday lead his clan, but he’s never yearned for power or control. He is content in his role, and works hard for security for his clan without upsetting the careful balance among the other clans.

Soren has always been surrounded by family, by his uncle, the former leader of their clan, and his many younger cousins.

We’re looking forward to watching these two very different characters find their way together past everything keeping them apart.

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