Thursday, June 6, 2013

What do you think is sexy?

What is sexy? How do you define it when so many have so different a view about what is sexy? And it’s not just how we view others, but ourselves and what we think is sexy, how we want to look to grab attention of our girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives or whatever.

Chubby Chaser—I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate that term. It is a commonly used nickname for men who have a taste for curvier women that are not afraid to own what they’ve been given.  Who are we to say the women they are after are chubby, instead of voluptuous? I have friends that love the "dangerous curves". But sexy is about a lot more than just the shape or size of a body.
Another friend of mine loves men with big hands. It’s her number one turn on. Hands? Okay, I can work with that. Anyone else out there got a hand fetish?
Current trends say tattoos are hot, and I’m one of those women that love my guy inked up, but I have quite a few friends that can’t stand it. Sometimes you hear comments about women with ink, and how they would be so pretty if they hadn’t marked their skin. In my humble opinion, the more the better. Live free or die, sister.

I also love bald men. There’s just something about men that have the confidence to take it all off and own it like there is no tomorrow. And while I find this smoking hot and sexy, others may not.  
I also think confidence is sexy, and I doubt anyone will disagree with me on this one. Many people will perceive you as you see yourself. It’s a “I think, therefore I am mentality.” When you meet someone like this, you'll know. People are drawn to them like a magnet, and there is a reason for it.  

When my husband asked me  a year ago, what I thought was sexy, I said I love bald men that are not afraid to show it (he just happens to be one of those). You never see a woman move faster, than when he asks me to shave his head. So, when he asked me if I had any bald heroes in my books, I couldn’t think of a single one. Yeah, my  bad. I didn’t, even though they rev my engines. Why? Because I was going on what I thought the majority think is sexy. But you know what? There are a lot of crazy chicks like me out there that love bald, inked men, and I’m going to gamble on what they really think is sexy about that.
Confidence. That, and if you've ever rubbed a freshly shaved...uh, never mind.

Hot flash!
So, I had to change that. In my upcoming release, Being Prince Charming, I not only chose a mature hero who is in his mid forties, I also shaved his head and made him bald, and my heroine is going to find out just how charming he can be, with or without hair.

So, really, what do you think is sexy? I’d love to know.


Anonymous said...

well chubby chaser actually started out as a gay term, didn't it? to borrow another gay term, I don't find myself (at my advanced age!) attracted to men in their twenties anymore. I'm firmly in the I love bear category!

Jessica Subject said...

I do like confident men, but as long as they treat me and others with the same respect, they catch my attention. It was seeing my hubby play with puppies and kids that drew me in. LOL Oh, and the guy must be taller and broader than me.

D L Jackson said...

Writery, I'm there with you. More mature men are my thing. Bears are fun, but I'm not a big one for hairy backs. But as I said, one person's sexy is not another's. I agree, Jessica. There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence.