Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting older... but maybe not wiser?

I've always wondered about the vampires or immortals who have seemingly endless lives. Sure, they have the horrible problem of watching their loved ones age and die but they get to live such wonderful history!

Imagine being there when the Pyramids were built. Or when the Wright brothers got off the ground. Or when  (war of your choice) was fought.

Once you remove the fear of death it'd be rather exciting, I think, to be there for such great events... but what if you don't really learn from your experience?

One thing that's bothered me about current vampires in film and on television is their lack of funds. It's as if they never thought much about having to keep paying for the house, electricity, whatever. But they never go out and rob a bank...

As well they never go get the endless degrees I'd expect one to get. No, I'm not talking about graduating high school OVER and OVER like *some* poor vampires... I'm talking about getting a plethora of degrees. If you had centuries to study you'd probably amass a huge number of degrees, under different names of course, in a variety of fields. Why not?

So let me toss this to you - what would YOU most like to do if you could live forever? Granted, the emotional pain would be obvious - but what would appeal the most to you about almost an unlimited lifespan? Travelling the world? Building a business empire? Hunting down that rare animal?

Do tell!

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Diane Burton said...

What a great premise and question. I'd like to travel--all around this planet then, assuming space travel was possible, other planets as well.