Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is It Your Imagination, Or Did You Just See a Ghost? #PNR #ghosts

I feel a little like Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone saying this, but…imagine this: You’re sitting in your office, typing a ghost story, and your eyes lift to the open doorway because “something” just moved.

Was it a trick of the eye? Nobody else is home. The dogs are sleeping at your feet. It’s a cloudy day, but was it a trick of the sun? No. The sun doesn’t reach that part of the hallway. So it must be your imagination. Sure, that’s the simple answer. But was it?

I tell this story because it recently happened to me as I was writing and I have good reason to believe I’m not alone. I believe in ghosts, mostly because I’ve had things happen to me that are hard to explain. For instance, my grandmother passed away when my son was very young. She had knitted him a sweater that was too big for him to wear before she was gone.

One day, I decided to see if the sweater fit him, all the while, worrying about my grandfather and how lonely he was. He didn’t like visitors. Didn’t talk much on the phone. Well, the sweater fit my son perfectly on that day. And as I carried him down the steps, wearing the beautiful white sweater Mema had made, thinking of my grandfather, the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was Pop-Pop. He wanted to come over for a visit. I’d invited him several times, and offered to come to his house. But this day—the day the sweater fit my son and my Mema’s presence was strong—was the day he reached out to me.

Sure, it could be a coincidence. But I doubt it. I know in my heart that Mema nudged him. I still treasure that visit and felt like I wasn’t just visiting with my Pop-Pop, but my Mema was there with us, too.

So that blur…that trick of sunshine…don’t be so quick to dismiss it as something of this world. Maybe you have company and someone very special is watching over you.

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Veronica Scott said...

Ooh, very cool.....

Joya said...

Thanks, Veronica! (I think ghosts are cool, too. LOL.) :)

Nancy Weeks said...

Hi Joya,
What a great post. I have had similar experiences in my life. I can't explain them, but no one will ever make me believe that those experiences were just a product of my imagination. The universe is such such a wonderful, mysterious place and I have never been someone who has to see to believe. I love your ghost stories. They are so very clever and well written.

Joya said...

Nancy!! I know about your experiences and you've got good reason to believe in loved ones being there for you even after they've moved on. Thank you for loving my ghost stories!! Such a high compliment from an author and friend like you. <3