Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Immortal Redeemer Series!

I know, late post! The group was nice in giving me the day to tout my new release, which I think is tomorrow. I had dates mixed up...anyway - I still want to give away a book.

They're hawk shifters, comment below by MIDNIGHT and tell me what your favorite shifter is and your name will be thrown into the hat for the book (PDF format) of your choice.

One lucky winner will receive the full 3 book series!

UNHINGED is the last book in the series and here's a blurb:
Not even love could tame the deadly creature inside him.

Nightshade Santone discovered The Covenant right under his nose in the eastern part of the United States. Tales were told of its power, and Shade planned to make the book his. He didn’t count on a feisty veterinarian getting in his way. The sexy as hell human willingly took Shade to her bed, and damn if she wasn’t keeping him there! Now, more than ever, he needs to possess the book and its secrets.

Kelsea Arden’s battle to keep animals safe and alive became a passion. One of a handful of humans privy to the secrets of Immortal Redeemers, she finally hoped to make a difference, but the untimely arrival of Shade Santone, a powerful immortal seeking the Covenant, was about to test Kel’s loyalty. The Redeemer not only unbalanced her heart and her life, he gave Kelsea a new purpose -- capturing and keeping the raptor forever.

So get those comments coming.
J Hali Steele
UNFORGIVABLE - at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N
UNREDEEMABLE at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N


Virginia E said...

My favorite is the Dragon shifting were-roach. I was already known as the bookdragon and then author Stephanie Burke threatened to turn me into a were-roach, thus creating a virtually indestructible shifter.

vlettel @ cox . net

J Hali Steele said...

LMAO, and why can I picture all of this!

Fedora said...

LOL! That's quite unique, Virginia! I think I'm a classicist--my favorite is the wolf. They're so pretty! And scary! ;) And honestly, I can't wrap my mind around some of the proposed shifters, especially those that involve pretty big differences in mass--goldfish shifter? Hamsters? Prairie dogs? Where does all the stuff go??? :D

Fedora said...

Oh, and fedora at gmail dot com


Liz S. said...

I don't have a favorite shifter. I like them all-dragons, cats, wolves, bears, etc. Thea Harrison even wrote about a thunderbird which would be awesome too!

J Hali Steele said...

I know what you mean Fedora, but hawks have such a regal look ... and that little body packs a lot of punch!
I like all shifters too, Liz, could even handle a hamster, but those front teeth, that would throw me, lol!

J Bur said...

Any kind of cat. Thanks for the giveaway.

Mindy said...

Congrats on the release of Unhinged J Hali :)
My favorite shifters are cats of any type and Werewolves.

Mindy :)

J Hali Steele said...

*Wink* Mindy, cats are my all time favorite!

Fedora - won the set, Liz won a book.
Check your boxes for PDFs ladies.
Enjoy, & thanks!