Monday, March 10, 2014

Refilling the well

I have to refill my creative well faster.

As deadlines become stricter and tighter I'm finding that I don't have the same down time as I used to when I first started writing.

Suddenly, this has really become a full time job.

I've always treated writing as my career, but I never really sat down and wrote a set number of words a day. I'm a BAD procrastinator.

Between projects finishing I would take a lot of down time.

Now, I don't have that luxury. I get maybe one or two days at tops. I usually try to binge read and it's stuff I've read before.

For example, during this time off I finished reading the RITA entries I got and I also re-read Connie Mason's Tears Like Rain series which includes Tears Like Rain, Wind Rider and Sierra.

Connie Mason was my first introduction to the big bodice ripper romances from the 80's. I read her stuff and it takes me back to being a tween and hiding under my covers to read them. I had to hide them from my mother.

There's something comforting about them.

I also watched some TV. Grey's Anatomy came back on and The Little Couple. Also movie binges are fun too.

Only, I have to get that creative well filled faster. Pinterest has been helping as I build character boards.

This is the book I just finished.

So, are there any tips you can give me for refilling your creative well? What do you do?

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Diane Burton said...

Everybody needs down time to refill the well. I watch movies. Romantic comedies, action adventure. I read, too.