Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top Ten Fictional Characters I’d Like to Hang Out With


Pyanfar Chanur (CJ Cherryh) – Alien female cargo space ship captain. She rocks.

Frodo Baggins – Hobbit from  Lord of the Ring

Jarlaxle- Charismatic Dark Elf from R.A. Salvatore Drizzt series

Batman – Duh, why not? Hot guy in a bat suit.

Obiwan – Duh, jedi. LOL

Dmitri – Vampire from Nalini Singh’s Archangel series. He just has all the qualities I love about vampires.

Anita Blake -  heroine from LK Hamilton

Peder – He’s an omega wolf shifter from my Eorthe series. Sexy and shy is great combination.

Harry Dredsen – Kickass wizard. Enough said.

Illium aka Bluebell—Angel from Nalini Singh’s Archangel series. He has blue wings. 

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