Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pictures worth a 1,000 words!

The fun part about doing a book release is all the goodies that go along with it – like blog tours. I love to get a little lagniappe – that something extra you didn’t expect. One of my favorites is a book trailer, that visual and audio tease of what you can expect between the pages of the book. Getting it juuuuust right is always a challenge. Finding the right music to set the tone, the text that packs enough impact in six words or less per flip. And the images to tie everything together.

I’ve done several trailers for my earlier “By Moonlight” books. For the first, I only supplied the text and crossed my fingers (It turned out great!). For the second, I picked the music clip as well, and offered suggestions. For the third, I got in on finding graphics (Who would have thought paging through hundreds of ‘Sexy Male Torso’ pictures could be such a chore!) and found a very cool film intro. But REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT was special – my first self-published book as well as the return of my favorite main couple, and I wanted (in my very OCD way!) to have my finger prints on everything. Finding my Max Savoie took hours upon hours – but I recognized MY Max the second I saw him. My cover artist and I scoured the image sights and I picked out graphics that represented the setting, the mood, several scenes, and the characters and she did her magic with them. I played match-up between text and images, found an old collection of music clips from earlier trailers, and sent the package off to my awesome virtual assistant, My Girl Friday (I draw the line somewhere. I don’t do tech!). A couple of tweaks later . . . Well, see for yourself. I think it captures my new release perfectly. How about you?


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