Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To Veronica Scott, with thanks

This is going to be short, because the first part of it's a little hard to talk about.

About a year ago, I received some bad news. I took it badly.

I broke down, just about completely.

Since then I've mostly been mailing it in. Going through the motions, hoping no one notices.

Except here. Veronica poked me every time it was time for my post here, gave me ideas about what to write, and generally kept me from sinking into my self-imposed hole.

Over the past year, I've written more here than every place else combined.

I'm finally coming back out of that long slump, and the one of the few reasons I'm still in any shape to write are the monthly posts I've put up here.




Veronica Scott said...

Awwww, major HUGS to you from me! If I helped at all, I'm just happy....you write really GOOD things (and I don't mean today's post :-)

Maureen said...

Thanks to all Veronica has done and I second the hugs :)

Diane Burton said...

We all owe a big debut of thanks to Veronica for all the work she's done with this blog. I was thrilled to be asked to join. She's been very gracious and so prompt with help. Thank you, thank you, dear lady.

Robert, I hope you're doing better. Hang in there.