Saturday, November 22, 2014

We are never getting back together

by Stephanie Beck
The Case of the Old Flame

When I was in high school in a small town in Minnesota, the drama of two of the older siblings trickled down to my senior class. One older brother and another's older sister had married and had two kids and were now struggling.

This meant, as it often does in small towns, that the younger siblings of the couple were now mortal enemies. Sides were picked. Things were said. Cars were egged.

And then the feuding couple got back together again. Fast forward almost fifteen years and for all outside purposes they look to be very happy together. And the two younger siblings still hate each other.

If I'm writing a shorter story, I do like to look to past relationships as a possible start point, because there is already a history there, and I think history and time play big factors in love (not always, but for the most part I think this is true).

In Super Love, Myles and Dinah were lovers who burned hot and then burned out when she hit a rough spot. I knew they weren't done, though, not these two. I'm glad they gave themselves a second shot, even an imperfect one. Maybe that's what the second and third go-round for couples can do--allow them to approach the other with fewer perfection tainted expectations.

Super Love

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Super Love
Reuniting to save the world.

Dinah just wanted to save the world. That didn't pan out, so she turned to social work, only to find herself miserable. When she's given the option of returning to the Justice Fraternity and her life as Dinah-Go, super fast superhero, she hesitates because going back means working side by side with her former lover Myles Steele, aka Man of Wonder.

To save their city from gargoyles, Man of Wonder needs Dinah-Go back in fighting shape. But Myles wants more than just his fighting partner at his side, he wants the lover and friend he lost two years earlier. Getting her will take more than even his super strength.




All the best,
Stephanie Beck

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