Friday, December 5, 2014

A Clause for the Holiday

Breaking Bad with Santa is so damn good!

Santa's Clause is here! Available at Changeling Press

Lacey Dalton gave up on Santa Claus a long time ago. Every Christmas Eve she waited like a good girl to see what Santa would bring. He never came. Now she's in her late twenties and he shows up with a contract! If Lacey signs on the dotted line, anything she wants is hers... if she lets Santa have her for one night.

“Look out!”
Lacey turned just in time to jump back and avoid a crazed bicyclist barreling in her direction. The bike veered into a snow bank and tossed the squealing cyclist into the air. She hurried over and extended her hand in assistance. “Jesus, are you okay?” Pulling hard, Lacey helped the person up.
Green eyes peered at her from a gap in the scarf and a feminine voice exclaimed, “What a wild ride.” Pulling the wool from her face, laughter bubbled from her mouth. “Thanks.”
“Do you have a death wish or what?”
“Well, no, but my head hurts.”
Lord, Lacey had to invite her inside. Damn it, she did not come out in the cold to help a stranger stupid enough to be cycling in snow and ice. “Come with me and let’s make sure you’re okay.” Peering into the woman’s green eyes reminded her why she’d come out and it made Lacey sadder than hell.
Nick was gone.
“Where’s my bag?”
“Wait here.” Lacey didn’t see it at first and almost gave up when she spotted a rolled garment bag buried beneath the handlebars of the bike. “I’ll get the bike up to the porch later.” In spite of a hurting head, the woman spryly climbed the steps and waited patiently for Lacey to open the door. After getting the woman out of her short, red jacket, which was far too light for this weather, Lacey settled her on the sofa, covered her with a throw, and offered a cup of tea. “It’ll help warm you up.” The long sleeve, white shirt she wore had remained dry.
“Call me Merry, spelled like Merry Christmas.” She removed the scarf and dark hair tumbled down around her shoulders. God, she was beautiful! “My, you’re such a sweet girl.”
Girl. It’d been a long time since someone referred to her as a girl. “My name’s Lacey and I’m older than I look.”
“Me too. Would you mind if I had ice tea; it’s so hot.”
Okay, Merry -- spelled like Christmas -- was a nut job or she had bumped her head much harder than initially thought. She didn’t appear much older than Lacey but she was certainly confused if she thought it was hot. “Ice tea it is.” The woman had a great figure and she wore corduroy leggings tucked in calf-length black boots now filled with snow. “You might want to take those boots off before your feet freeze.”
Kicking the shoes off, Merry stood them neatly beneath the coffee table. “I’m used to much colder weather.” She twisted her head and looked out the window. “Still dark, so we have time.”
“You get that tea while I rest a bit.”
“Uhh, sure.”
“At least you won’t spend Christmas alone.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m really parched.” Her green eyes twinkled. “I could use that tea.”
I'm stuck with an addle-minded, crazy woman.

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Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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