Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

by Stephanie Beck
Did you know that it is officially Christmas eve eve eve? Well, it is and my kids told me first thing this morning. 3 more little days until Christmas morning is upon us and we celebrate what we've been waiting for during advent.

In Minnesota, our plans rely on the weather cooperating. This year, it looks like the roads might be okay, or they might be complete crap. Tis the season to not take the weatherman's predictions as truth. For this reason Christmas celebrations tend to be very fluid and changeable. On any given Sunday in December, chances are you'll find a family celebrating Christmas, because so and so has to work, or will be with the in-laws on Christmas Day.

My family's traditions are pretty mild. We spend most of December in church or with our church family and friends. On Christmas morning my kids wake me up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought and to see what their dad and I got them. Then we eat breakfast, monkey brains (monkey bread), sausage, and fruit. Due to the weather, we rarely make plans the day of Christmas. We stay home, watch movies, play with new toys, and snack all day. If we feel like it, we go to the movies and watch one we haven't seen with the kids.

It's a low stress day where we enjoy each other, and savor the day that we waited for during advent. We celebrate the true gifts in life, and it's pretty fantastic.

Merry Christmas!
Stephanie Beck

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Maureen said...

Merry Christmas! Your day sounds like a wonderful relaxing day- I hope you enjoy it.