Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love and Jealousy

It's February! So everywhere you look there's something about love, love, love! So let's talk a little about love, and not just what you're thinking for the big V-Day, but how about things that you love in your life that may not be of the flesh and blood variety? (I know this is Paranormal Romantics, but I'm not talking about aliens...unless maybe you love aliens.)
For me discovering what is it I love, what competes for every minute of my attention, is easy to identify. I actually put it in the front of my book, Destiny Calling, to my hubby...
"Who understands my love affair with words." 
Because what comes hand in hand with love...jealousy. 
For an inanimate object you say? Why yes...Jealous: demanding complete devotion. 
 Wherever I go, I've almost always got my laptop with me, or a tablet, or a sticky pad, or even loose papers or napkins because I find it hard to stay away from the lure of a sentence or idea that comes to mind unexpectedly and can be lost just as quickly. I've noticed the way my hubby will sigh, or glance at the laptop with irritation as I multi-task by 'watching' television while writing. He knows I'm often there in body but my mind is captivated by beautiful, sexy words and characters whispering in my ear.  
Although my hubby can't complain too much, as he has his own things that have captured his heart.
From my blog on 10/25/2009 entitled:

My Husband's True Love...

My husband is having an affair. It started months ago, as the weather got warmer. The changes were subtle at first. The way his gaze drifted away as I talked. I knew who he was thinking of, her. How he’d look longingly toward the garage, as if awaiting an opportunity to escape. He’d be gone for hours and return with his hair disheveled and a satisfied smile on his face. I’d see him with her. They way he’d caress her, I’d have to turn away. He’d wrap his legs around her and she’d purr at his touch.
He adorned her with ornaments. Then proudly showed her off to all of his friends. He met other like-minded men with a similar obsession. The love he displayed, made it more than a possession. She dominated his waking thoughts, and I suspect, filled his dreams. How could I compete with such a force, that provided more than it seemed? Freedom, restoration of youth and endless adventure.
The season changed. He slipped away less and less. Their love couldn’t withstand such climatic ranges. My husband was back. To have and to hold. I thought he was mine to keep, at least while it was cold. She was out of the picture, at least until spring.
I've posted her picture below, if you'd like to see her...

If you can't beat em, join them! When I can, I hop on back behind my bad, boy biker hubby and let my mind wander to write my stories.

That big, beautiful bike you see above...just might be the inspiration for Griffith's bike from Destiny Calling.

So tell me....what (not who) do you love?

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