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Philadelphia Love

LGBT 50th Anniversary was celebrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 4, 2015!

Visiting the phillygaypride site,  , and looking at some of the pictures from 1965 really made me think about how brave so many were to make a step like this. How apt that it happened in the City of Brotherly Love, the home of the Liberty Bell, and the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

This weekend the festivities also included celebrating marriage equality, another great accomplishment in LGBT history. Read more:

I wrote an erotic short story, Philadelphia Love, a Club Evolve Brief, and it is FREE in celebration of marriage equality and it can ONLY be found at All Romance Ebooks -

Philadelphia Love

We are rarely proud when we are alone.--Voltaire

Cooper Lawson disliked parades and fanfare, particularly all the noise both carried with them. However, it was the fiftieth anniversary of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement in Philadelphia and his city was jam packed for Independence Day weekend, but the one face he would look for in the crowd would not be there. Elliot Binder had had enough of Coop and his indecision to last a lifetime. Oh, well.
**An Interracial Male/Male Brief **

Funny how things happen in one’s life. The Supreme Court’s ruling had changed the gay landscape—two weeks after Elliot left.
Oh, well.
There was a bright spot on Cooper Lawson’s horizon. Last Friday he had received a phone call from a good friend who also happened to be his employer. Pierce James had moved to Los Angeles a few months ago but he was arriving in town today for the LGBT festivities and the celebration for marriage equality taking place in Philadelphia this weekend. He would be staying with Cooper and he’d promised to help if he could with the situation he’d found himself in with Elliot. Although Elliot never trusted Pierce, believing he had his sights set on Cooper, his friend promised to be on his best behavior if and when Elliot showed up to get his belongings.
Cooper eyed the lonely box taped closed and sitting in the corner. It contained a couple pairs of shoes, some photos, and a few other miscellaneous items. In the bedroom hung a clothing bag holding a robe, a couple shirts, and two suits, one of which was Elliot’s favorite. Cooper had gathered everything, and then called Elliot to let him know he could stop by any time this weekend to retrieve the rest of his things.
Pierce had called saying they were caught in traffic not far away and Cooper eagerly awaited his arrival and looked forward to meeting his new boyfriend. When the buzzer finally sounded, Cooper sprang to snatch the door open. “Pier… Elliot, what are you doing here?”
“Nice to see you too, Coop.”
“I didn’t think you’d show up until tomorrow.”
“You said anytime this weekend and I’m sure you remember I’m going out of town tomorrow night.”
“Yes, yes, right.”
Is there a problem?”
Cooper closed the door but remained rooted where he stood. “I’m expecting company.”
Long, athletic legs carried Elliot across the room where he sat on the arm of the sofa. Seeing him there ripped a hole in Cooper’s heart. His shoulder length dark hair was loose today, not in the ponytail Elliot preferred wearing. He was the only man in the world whose five o’clock shadow was damn near thick enough to call a beard. Christ, he reminded Cooper of one of those swashbucklers pictured on the front of romance novels. The kind of man everyone swooned over—male and female alike. Oh, those beautiful blue eyes and kissable lips.
Cooper loved the impatient bastard.
Elliot wanted to marry him, but Cooper was afraid to tie the knot and complicate things. Not only was there the issue of Elliot’s mother accepting her gorgeous white boy with a black man, what if one or the other had to move to one of those dreadful states that would cause grief if their union couldn’t be recognized.
“Anybody I know?”
Shit! Shit! Cooper’s hand still held the knob. “Well…”
“Are you going to open the door, Coop?”
What the hell. He yanked the door open and Pierce bounded in.
He hugged Cooper spinning him around. “You’re still the prettiest fucker I know.”
“Pierce, you look happy as hell.”
“I am.” He released Cooper, and scowled at Elliot. “Thought you moved out.”

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-jhalisteele

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