Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Resurrected! They’re Baaaaack!

by Nancy Gideon

I love this new publishing era that allows us to return our paranormal heroes and heroines to entice new readers!

This month, I’ve got TWO brought back to life books, one with vampires and one with shape-shifters – the best of both preternatural worlds!

MIDNIGHT SHADOWS, the latest re-release in my Touched by Midnight vampire romance series, brings back my favorite hero – who surprisingly is human! Frank Cobb, the cynical spook (the government kind, not the otherworldly kind!) taking his personal agenda into the jungles of Peru to hunt down a myth that’s all too real. Take a look at its sultry new cover and tempting sneak peek:

She doesn’t believe in monsters . . .

Myth-busting ethnologist, Sheba Reynard's life's work is proving that destructive paranormal beings don’t exist. But while exposing hoaxes, she's also hiding from the frightening shadows in her past that say differently. To find the missing pieces of her memory that continue to haunt her dreams, she must face the truth behind the nightmares . . . a truth that could lead to madness or even death.

He doesn’t believe in death . . .

Frank Cobb knows monsters are very, very real. He's pursued a wily vampire into the jungles of Peru, prepared to face the demon with only his very human skill set. But are his motives—to bring the creature back for government research—purely business or for revenge? Either way, he’s not happy to have an annoyingly strong-willed—and utterly irresistible—woman getting in his way.

Forced together by circumstance, they venture into the shadowy unknown. Only it soon becomes clear that one of them will have to surrender their quest . . . if the other one is to make it out alive.

“Ms. Gideon continues to run in the fore-front of the vampire romance genre. Non-stop action and passion combined in an exotic setting will definitely thrill fans, leaving them craving more. — Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“Nancy Gideon is one of the best supernatural writers on the market today!"— Midwest Book Review/BookWire


“Sheba, what if the monster is real?”

She meet his gaze directly, hers expressing her scorn and disbelief, yet there were shadows lurking behind the bravado, shadows he hated like hell to bring out into the open. 

“Real, as in the Fanged Deity the Indians worshiped before the Incas? Oh come on, Cobb, you can do better than that.” 

His expression remained somber, his stare unblinkingly sincere as he vowed, “Sheba, there are monsters, and I know this one by name.” 

She tried to laugh it off but the attempt at humor lodged in her throat, a hard, choking lump of horrible truth. She knew Cobb wasn't lying to her, but to say she believed him was to let her own personal demons loose, and she wasn’t ready for that yet. 

“I’ve heard a lot of different names, Cobb. Which one are you picking?”


The June 20, 2016 release of PARANORMAL ATTRACTIONS, the first boxed set I’ve ever participated in (along with eight other uber talented authors) features REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT from my By Moonlight series with its dark, deadly and very damaged hero, shape-shifter, Max Savoie. PARANORMAL ATTRACTIONS is now available for pre-order through Amazon. Check out this lush cover!

Aren’t you glad you can’t keep a good paranormal hero down?!

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Diane Burton said...

I agree, Nancy. These are exciting times for authors--esp. those who are willing to take the risk of trying something new. So glad to see your previous books are being given new life. Love the cover!