Sunday, September 4, 2016

Things That Go Bump In the Night...

by Maureen L. Bonatch

—or at least like to change your favorite television show

I believe the house we used to live in was haunted.

As a paranormal/fantasy author you’d think this observation would thrill me. Not. So. Much. Turns out, I’m very happy to experience the paranormal world in my writing, in books, and movies but not too happy to run into it in the real world.

Lucky for us, the ‘ghost’ wasn’t threatening in any real way. More of a “hey, I’m here” kind of behavior. I assumed our uninvited houseguest was the woman who used to live in the house showing her displeasure that we couldn’t maintain her once gorgeous flower gardens. But I had absolutely no green thumb and the hubs had accidently (or intentionally?) plowed over some of the overgrown plants in his efforts to get the ungainly yard back under control.

Unsplash Image courtesy of Tertia Van Rensburg

Hey, I’m Here

Our otherworldly guest left little clues that ‘she’ was still hanging around like…

  • The stove burner turned on
  • The door to the garage slowly opening
  • The dog staring into an empty room, growling at something unseen
  • A radio (which initially resisted turning off) blaring on in the basement while I slept
  • A Christmas decoration, long packed away, beginning to play when I approached the box
  • Every night when I watched my favorite show she’d change the channel. (I’m guessing she didn’t approve of my choice in sitcom.)

Eventually she moved on as the occurrences diminished and then disappeared leaving me silently relieved that I hadn’t pushed her over the edge and forced her to drag me out of bed if one of my feet escaped the protection and security of the blanket.

What Happens in the Fiction World, Stays in the Fiction World

After some contemplation, I’ve come to realize that experiencing the paranormal in the fiction world, does provide a small level of security since some things can always be relied upon. Applying these certainties from fiction/movies provides me with an irrational level of comfort.

  • Bad things only happen at night

I could be in the same place, and hear the exact same noise, but it provokes a certain level of terror if it’s dark outside. Somehow the evil, unearthly forces retreat when the sun rises as my shield of protection. Too bad mister ghost, the sun just rose, I’m in the safe zone.
  • Blankets can protect you from anything

No matter how old I get there is still a certain comfort and security found under the protection of a blanket. “Oh wait, is that a ghost/vampire/monster I heard? Quick! Get under the blanket until it leaves. It will never be able to penetrate this polyester shield!”
  • Killers never run

In just about every horror movie I’ve ever seen that features a helpless (and usually clumsy) victim fleeing from some kind of a monster. The victim is running full force yet still can’t seem to outrun the slow stride of the approaching evil. (Thus validating my personal abhorrence of running)
  • Start to worry if it gets too quiet

Ok, this only works in the movies, but it’s my cue to avert my attention so I don’t toss my popcorn or inadvertently scream. This tactic is probably intended to build suspense, but it also has the inadvertent effect of reducing spilled drinks and bruises on boyfriend/husband’s arms.
  • The music is your first clue

Grab the chair arms and hold your breath—cause something wicked this way comes. Again, this only works in the movies—unless you’re like me and constantly have music on the mind. Then you might have your own ominous tune starting up as your heart races when you turn the page.

So tell me, what do you do when something goes bump in the night?

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Diane Burton said...

I like your solution, Maureen. Pull the blanket over my head. LOL Best wishes.

Maureen said...

Thanks for visiting, Diane. I agree- blankets are an absolute necessity! ;)

Sophia Kimble said...

Oh, what an awesome post. I love ghost stories. I'm of the variety, who stops, listens intently, then slowly creeps toward said ghost with heart pounding, which of course drowns out and sound the thing might make. But creep I do.

Maureen said...

You're braver than me Sophia! Lol thanks for visiting.