Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You're A Good Writer

Sometime I struggle with a project, and I get frustrated with myself. In the beginning my work is, shall we say, less than stellar. Often I'll use a word more than once in the same paragraph,  and punctuation is deplorable. I’m constantly going back to rethink something. For example, I had the hero pointing a sword at the heroine. and he's supposed to throw her on his horse as they were being ambushed.

OK that truly doesn’t work. What is he supposed to do with that sword? Just stupid stuff like that. But then I realize if I weren’t going back and looking at these problems, the reader would be totally confused, and ask themselves  “what was the author thinking?” If I didn’t go over it again and again, it would be a sign that I’m not at all concerned about the reader. I’m just putting words and ideas on a page, and assume they’ll figure it out.

As a good writer we question ourselves constantly. That’s a good thing. Even when I’m finished with a manuscript, and have sent it in, I’m still not so confident that I did a good job. Then after it's been out for a while, I go back to it, and read some excerpts, and say, “damn that’s good. Did I really think of that?” You fall in love with the story all over again, and you’re reminded of the fact that you are a good writer. If you did something without real consideration, it‘s proof that you don’t like your job. And face it, we love our job. We love to write.

This why reviews are so important. They validate our hard work, and it keeps us from saying “I suck.” Don’t be afraid to ask for those reviews. Give away free books to other authors. They know how important a review is.  Then there’s your friends, and family. Those stars matter. You’re a good writer. Flaunt it.

My question is: Do you believe in yourself?

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Diane Burton said...

Good post, Vicki. We have to believe in ourselves. If we don't, who will? Sure, we all have moments of doubt. We'd get too big-headed if we didn't. Have fun with your next project.