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Elizabeth Alsobrooks enjoys the sunny Sonoran Desert where she lives with her personal editor, Hudson (AKA Maltese), and husband, Kenton, (AKA Irish-Scotsman) at the foot of the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountain Range where she writes Urban Fantasy, Horror, and nonfiction. She is currently working on the next book in her Illuminati series and is collaborating with a photo-graphic artist on a Tarot deck and accompanying manuals that coordinate with the mythology and symbolism behind her Illuminati series. 

Elizabeth's most recent releases are The Book of Life, an Urban Fantasy novel, and "The Opal Ring," a horror tale in Tell-Tale Publishing's Annual Horror Anthology out in October of 2016. Her second book in her Illuminati series, The Tree of Life, will be released early in 2017.

Maureen L. Bonatch writes stories boasting laughter, light suspense and magic in the hope of sharing her love of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary world. 

She writes paranormal romance and fantasy. She is also a Freelance Writing Consultant. She lives in Pennsylvania with the love of her life, widely imaginative twin daughters and a shih tzu who claims himself as alpha male. 

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C.J Burright is a native Oregonian and refuses to leave. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter, while she has worked for years in a law office, she chooses to avoid writing legal thrillers (for now) and instead invades the world of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or fantasy. She is the author of the Dreamcaster Series. C.J. also has her 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and believes a story isn’t complete without at least one fight scene. Her meager spare time is spent working out, refueling with mochas, gardening, gorging on Assassin’s Creed, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners…always with music. She shares life with her husband, daughter, and a devoted cat herd.
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Diane Burton lives in Michigan with her husband. She has two grown children and three delightful grandkiddies. You’ve probably heard people say that if they’d known grandkids would be so much fun they would have had them first? Diane says that’s true!

A reader all her life, she also loves movies, especially action adventure, mysteries, science fiction, and romantic comedy. Castle, Firefly, and NCIS are her favorite TV shows. So is it any wonder that she writes science fiction romance, romantic suspense, and mysteries, all with comedic elements?

Her three most recent books are Mission to New Earth (a sci-fi novella), The Protector: An Outer Rim Novel, and The Case of the Fabulous Fiance (an Alex O'Hara mystery).

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Lynn Crain, a true romantic, started her writing career at the tender age of 12 when she decided to write a novel destined to compete with Gone With The Wind. Born in Ohio, she learned much about the farming life before being moved to the hot, southwestern desert in Nevada. She lived there most her life except for a recent stint in Vienna, Austria as her husband worked his dream job. Now she splits her time between her Nevada home and a new place in New Mexico near Santa Fe where all she has to do is go to her backyard for inspiration.

Her days are filled with writing space adventures, fantasy with lots of sword play and hot, sensual contemporary romances, many of the paranormal variety, while her windows overlook the pines and wildlife of Northern New Mexico. One of the things she loves most of all is hearing from her readers at You can find her hanging out online at her website, her blog, on Twitter or on Facebook. 

Victoria Craven was born to tell stories. Throughout her childhood she was a daydreamer. Growing up she told the most outrageous tales to her friends that got her in trouble now and then. She escaped the mundane to live in her fantasies: She was a mermaid, a princess, a spy, and an explorer trekking across the tundra in Antarctica. Even as an adult she saved just a little part of herself to drift into her dream world.
Then one day she said to herself “I’m going to write a book,” and that’s what she did. She had no idea what it took to be a writer, thinking all you had to do was add some words and ideas to a page and ‘poof,’ a book, and every word was golden. What a rude awakening when her writer friends took her into the light and showed her just how much she had to learn. That process is still going on today!
Victoria has published the first two books in a historical paranormal series with the third one coming out in 2017.  
Currently, she resides in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with her wonderful husband who spoils her rotten. And from time to time is her critique buddy.  She is the mother of three beautiful daughters, and grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren.
When she isn’t writing, she doting on her grandchildren, or curled up on the couch with her husband, or having a sleepover with her best friends.

And she still saves just a little bit of her life for those daydreams.

Nancy Gideon is the award winning author of over 54 romances ranging from historical, regency and series contemporary suspense to paranormal, with a couple of horror screenplays tossed into the mix.  She works full time as a legal assistant, and when not at the keyboard, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl. She also writes under the pen names Dana Ransom and Rosalyn West.

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Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.

Her three most recent novels are Justice & Sophie, Out in Blue, and Deep In Crimson.

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L. A. Kelley is a full-time author of fantasy/sci-adventure books with romance, humor, and a touch of sass. She lives in Florida where the heat and humidity have driven everyone slightly mad, and in her spare time calls in Bigfoot sightings to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are heartily sick of hearing from her.

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Sophia Kimble  has worked as a nurse for twenty years, but has put that career path aside to devote her time and imagination to writing down the stories that keep her up nights.

She takes her love of the paranormal, history, and genealogy and weaves them into tales of family, fated love, and supernatural occurrences.

Her most recent novels are Protect Her, and Avenge Her from The Druid's Curse series.

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Jane Kindred is the author of epic fantasy series The House of Arkhangel’sk, Demons of Elysium, and the forthcoming Looking Glass Gods. Born in Billings, Montana, she spent her formative years ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the Tucson sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. She now writes to the sound of San Francisco foghorns while two cats slowly but surely edge her off the side of the bed.

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A national best selling author, Heather Long lives in Texas with her family and their menagerie of animals. In addition to military romance, Heather writes a wide variety of romance from paranormal historical western romance to contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She loves characters and the stories they have to tell. As a child, Heather skipped picture books and enjoyed the Harlequin romance novels by Penny Jordan and Nora Roberts that her grandmother read to her. Heather believes that laughter is as important to life as breathing and that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are very real. In the meanwhile, she is hard at work on her next novel.

Her three most recent novels are Bad Witch Rising, Raising Kane, and Taking the Stage.

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Linda Nightingale writes across the romance genres (fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, paranormal) and dark fantasy--whatever captures her Muse's imagination. She is a The Wild Rose Press author, but has a paranormal anthology due for an October release from Class Act Books. She's lived in many places here and abroad, but settled in the big state of Texas. She's a mother, a retired legal assistant, and a dreamer.

Her most recent of eight novels is Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody.

Abigail Owen is an award-winning paranormal and contemporary romance author, who resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

Abigail's 3 most recent releases are: Moon, Mist, & Magic | Good Things | Seneca's Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4)

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Francesca Quarto grew up in a large Italian-American family with parents that treasured books and read avidly.  This was a perfect environment for what fast became her own love of words.  Finding the fun in Urban Fantasy and the Paranormal genres too hard to resit, Francesca is on book four in her series "Witch of Appalachia" waiting for Book 3 to be released. When asked in an interview once why she wrote Fantasy, it seemed obvious; that's where the imagination truly comes alive and the magic can take over!

Francesca is the proud parent of:
"Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" Book 1
"Dangerous Dreaming" Book 2
"Blood of the Dragon" Book 3 to be released
Currently writing Book 4 and leaning hard on her muse and Publisher.

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Amy Ruttan started writing at a very young age. Life and responsibility got in the way and writing was put on hold. It wasn't until the birth of her second child and spending countless hours in a NICU she realized that life is precious and it shouldn't be wasted.

Now years later—and a healthy baby later—Amy has realized her dreams. She was first published in 2007. Her alter ego, A.C. Ruttan writes dark paranormal and urban fantasy.

Her three most recent books are Mounted Release, Private Release, and Safe in His Hands.

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Mimi Sebastian raised herself on books and the strange and unusual with an unhealthy dose of comics and Saturday morning cartoons. Loving angst-filled romance thrown in the mix, she decided to blend all those elements in a steamy mix in her first Urban Fantasy series, the Necromancer Books. The first book, The Necromancer's Seduction, debuted July 15, 2013, with ImaJinn Books.

Mimi spent two years in the Ivory Coast with the Peace Corps and loves to introduce tid-bits from her experiences in her writing. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA. A transplant from the beaches of Florida, Mimi now wanders the desert in Phoenix, AZ, and attempts to balance writing with a day career, fantastic family, and household diva: her Amazon parrot.

The Necromancer's Seduction is her recent release.

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When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind. She also masquerades under the name Wendi Zwaduk and is published through Changeling Press, Decadent Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, MLR Press, Resplendence Publishing, and Total-E-Bound Publishing.

Megan’s three most recent books are Switching Gears, Saving Sam, and Running Hot.

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The physical body of J. Hali Steele resides in Southeastern Pennsylvania but in fantasies I run in the desert wrapped in fur and soar in the sky with wings. I growl, I bark, and my favorite elixir is blood! In another life, I share space with three cat furfriends—I'm afraid to do a headcount of the 'porch' kitties. I love reading romance novels, especially paranormal, with happy endings, and when not held captive by a good book, I enjoy going to the movies or spending time with my sisters and friends.

A multi-published author, I am a RWA PAN member who, when not writing or reading, can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a cat in my lap and a cup of coffee.

I love to hear from fans and respond to ALL emails at or you can contact me through

Growl and roar—it's okay to let the beast out.

Gary Stillman writing as G.E. Stills Normally zany and often naughty talking, G. E. has a serious and compassionate side if you can find it. He cares deeply for his friends and hasn't met an animal yet he didn't like. He lives in the southwest while longing to live by the sea. He often says, "We have the sandy beaches but where is the water?"
G.E. Stills heeds the call of the many characters that pop into his mind and demand to have their stories written. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author, his stories cover many genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction romance. Most of his stories have action, adventure, and humor. Some of them are erotic and some are not, but all have romance. His paranormal stories involve witches, demons or vampires.

His three most recent books are Transition (paranormal), Yasuna (Science Fiction, book two of Zumia series), New Beginnings (Science Fiction).

Sandy Wright moved to Arizona 17 years ago and fell in love with the southwest desert, including its Native American influences. After a trip to Sedona, the germ of a novel was born. “I love to take ordinary characters and put them in extraordinary situations that change their view of the world.”

Her first novel, Song of the Ancients, introduces witchcraft and shamanism seen through the eyes of an ordinary woman. Readers interested in witchcraft—or just a dark, spooky tale—will enjoy this paranormal suspense, written by a real-life Wiccan High Priestess. Winner of the Pacific Northwest Writer and Orange Rose Romance contests, Song of the Ancients will be published in 2014.


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