Friday, July 24, 2009

Paranormal Romantics Goes International!

One of my favorite parts of the RWA conference was attending the Passionate Ink party in DC. It was a blast. Met lots of fellow Ellora’s Cave and Changeling Press authors. Paranormal Romantics donated a basket for the festivities that was won by Cat Marsters and it will be traveling across the Atlantic to Essex. Cat – hope you enjoy all the goodies!

Meeting the president of PI, Francesca Hawley, who is an awesome lady, was super for a lot of reasons. At the AGM she was the only person with a copy of the resolution for RWChange. She pulled it up on her phone and read it to the room. Now THAT is an example of digital technology at work.

Angela James was “passionate’ in her speech on the digital publishing industry. She has it posted at her blog and you really shouldn’t miss it:

Below, are the winners of the Passionate Plume and Stroke of Midnight contest. Congratulations to the winners and to all who entered. (** indicates Passionate Ink member)


1st -Mari Carr - Erotic Research
2nd - Eileen Ann Brennan** - Marnie’s Secret
3rd - Katie Reus - Running From The Past
HM Jenna Bayley-Burke** - Her Cinderella Complex
HM Saskia Walker** - Reckless

Futuristic /Fantasy /SciFi
1st - Denise Rossetti** - Strongman
2nd - Mari Freeman** - Birthright
3rd - Mechele Armstrong** - Settler’s Mine 3: The Woman
HM Dee Brice** - His Virtual Assassin
HM Mima - In Service

1st - Kate Pearce** - Simply Sinful
2nd - Alice Gaines** - Sans Regret
3rd - Emma Wildes - A Devil’s Bargain
HM Elizabeth Amber** - Lyon, The Lords of Satyr
HM Samantha Kane** - Retreat From Love (Brothers In Arms)

1st - Natasha Moore** - Sunrise in Jewel of the Nile II
2nd - Anna Leigh Keaton** - Sweetest Desires
3rd - Jade Buchanan** - Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers
HM Samantha Kane** - A Lady In Waiting
HM Carolina Valdez** - Tie ‘Em Up, Hold ‘Em Down

Paranormal /Time Travel
1st - Crystal Jordan** - Treasured
2nd - Eden Rivers** - Broken Pentacle
3rd - Dana Marie Bell** - The Wallflower, Halle Pumas Book 1
HM Mackenzie McKade** - Black Widow
HM Jennifer North** - Party Vamps


1st Place - Kate MacArthur - The Third Piece
2nd Place - Janet Mullany** - A Subtext of Sex
3rd Place - Grace Hood - Come On Baby, Light My Fire
HM - Nett Robbens - Falling Again
HM - Alannah Lynne** - Last Call

Paranormal/Time Travel
1st Place - Erika Sands - D’Nar
2nd Place - Lyra Verna - Mastering Her Dark Soul
3rd Place - Paris Brandon** - Blood On The Moon
HM - Letitia Brave - Pandora’s Box
HM - Serena Shay** - The Challenge

1st Place - Michal Scott** - Alone on Earth
2nd Place - Minx Malone** - Milo’s Revenge
3rd Place - Michal Scott** - Possessed by the Past
HM - Michal Scott** - Pandora’s Box
HM - Trinity Blake - Time Pirate

1st Place - Sara Avellino - Renegade
2nd Place - Leigh Court** - The Edge of TIme
3rd Place - Ella Drake - Caught In Silver
HM - Jeffe Kennedy** - Obsidian
HM - Michelle Polaris - Bound Odyssey

Remember: Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.J. Hali Steele


Rebecca Royce said...

Great picture of Cat with the basket Joann. I'm so pleased we went global and thank you for the roundup.

J Hali said...

Cat got a really nice bunch of shirts with lots of goodies. I enjoyed doing it. My sister was the real guru behind putting it together. LOL - I kept squishing it in and huffing until finally (I knew she would-Boz is great that way!! Kisses baby girl.) she said move. Each of our items was displayed in a way that you could see it by turning the basket.

We did good guys!!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Yay! Maybe someone in England will decide to buy our books ;-)

Annie Nicholas said...

It was a great idea. I'm glad you offered it to us. Yay to Ella and Mima for placing in the contests!!

J Hali said...

Sandi, my fingers are crossed.

Annie!! I've got to read In Service I hear it is absolutely hot and one of the best 'erotics of its type'.

Rae Lori said...

Looks like it was a blast! And thanks for posting the link to Angela's speech, Joann. I've been dying to hear that! :-)

Chiron said...

Too cool, J!! So glad you posted this. I'll check out Angela's speech too. As usual, the RWA convention looks like too much fun!! *grin*

--Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul: