Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome, Liena Ferror

Hey everyone, it's Friday at Paranormal Romantics that means you're stuck with me, J. Hali. Today I'll be interviewing a fellow Eirelander, Liena Ferror, author of the soon to be released The Risen: Queen of the Ghost Drakon. Hi, Liena. Welcome to PR and thank you for taking time to talk to me. I know you brought along a special guest, so lets get started. Who do you have with you?

LF: The blond colored lycan in wolf form is Gannon Langon. Gannon, care to change and introduce yourself?

JHS: Right here? Holy crap. Uhh…WOW! Nice.

GL: Hi, Ms. Steele. Thank you for having Liena and myself today. I see you’re slightly surprised by my height. At six-foot-seven, I get that a lot. Liena, may I tell them a little about myself?

LF: Sure, go ahead. We’ll get to me.

GL: Thank you. I am a rare blonde lycan. I was born and bred in the Northeastern United States but settled in the Pennsylvania area with the Langon clan hundreds of years ago. I have a wonderful mate named Keara, Queen of the Ghost Drakon, and a beautiful eleven-year-old daughter we adopted named Josephine. I live on the grounds of the Mansion owned by Master Vampire Andres Kaden, the leader of the Kadenian Alliance which I am a member of.

JHS: Okay, well, Gannon, I was a little shocked by some other fabulous body parts too. Liena, can you tell us a little about yourself?

LF: I’m from South Central Pennsylvania, born and bred. I have a great husband and two wonderful children. One still in school and the other serving in the Navy. I was fortunate to have parents that instilled a love of reading in me.

JHS: How long have you been writing?

LF: I’ve been seriously writing for about two years now. Prior to that, my nose was always buried in a book. One day my husband commented that as much as I read, I should try to write a book. The rest is history as they say. My first release is due out November 20, 2009 from Eirelander Publishing.

JHS: That’s wonderful. Can you tell us a little about your favorite character?

LF: I like every character I’ve created in the world of The Risen. Primarily the characters are male and members of the Alliance but they are all charming, handsome and hard-headed as hell at times. Some are lycans, others are vampires. As the series progresses, I will be bringing in more female characters.

GL: Come on, Liena. You didn’t mention the demons, fae, or drakons that are part of the paranormal world as we know it.

LF: That's true, Gannon. Your mate is half fae and half drakon, or dragon in easier terms.

GL: A beautiful mix if you ask me.

LF: She is beautiful. That much is true. Here is an excerpt from Gannon’s story.

He looked down at her. Her lips beckoned him. He stared into her eyes for a moment. Gannon’s gaze lowered again to her mouth and his head followed.
He moved slowly, giving her time to retreat. He saw acknowledgement in her eyes when she raised her face toward his and met him halfway. Gannon brushed his lips softly across hers. The same jolt of electricity that went through them earlier hit them tenfold. She gasped and Gannon didn’t hesitate. His tongue thrust into her mouth. By the Gods, she tastes just like ambrosia. His tongue swept against hers.
Gannon felt her arms wind around his neck. She pulled him close and he went into her arms willingly. He grabbed her hips and pulled them even more tightly together. Her slim body fit against his perfectly. His blood pounded through his body and settled into his cock. He hardened painfully against the denim of his jeans. The friction created by her belly moving against his cock only added to the pressure building inside him.
Gannon breathed deeply when she trembled in his arms. He inhaled jasmine, spice and her womanly musk. “I smell your desire, Keara,” he said huskily against her lips. “Do you want me?” he asked her, point blank.
“God, yes,” she whispered.
“Jesus, I want you. I want to be inside you.” He kissed her deeply, and then gradually softened the kiss. He lifted his head and gazed into her eyes. “We either need to stop or go to your bedroom. The choice is yours.”
She took a deep breath. “Make love to me, Gannon.”
“Are you sure, Keara?” His eyes searched hers. “If we make love, my mating scent will be all over you. It will warn all other lycan males that you are mine. I’ll end up being very territorial when other unmated males are around you.”
“Are you sure you want to mate with a human who is so…so…”
“Perfect for me,” he finished for her. “Stop questioning it.” He easily lifted her into his arms and held her against his chest, savoring the feel of her plastered to his body.
“Put me down.”
He took her lips in a punishing kiss while he strode for what he hoped was her bedroom. Peeking through the veil of his lashes, a spurt of relief mingled with his passion. Good guess. He flicked on her overhead light, and walked over to her bed. Laying her gently in the center, he looked around the room and was happy to see it full of candles, presumably made by her. “Do you have matches or a lighter?”
She pointed to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and found a candle lighter. He quickly went around the room and lit all the candles he could find before he walked back to the bed. He returned the lighter to its drawer.
He turned to look at her. She was breathtaking lying in the center of the bed with candle light dancing over her flushed features. Her eyes were such a light silver blue shade that his heart thudded. At least for tonight, this woman was his.
His to worship.
His to pleasure.

JHS: That is hot! I've had the opportunity to read some of this, Liena, and you’ve built quite a fantastic world for readers to delve into. And I have to say, Gannon, Keara does sound quite the unusual beauty. Liena, who inspired or inspires you the most?

GL: You really should see her bookshelf, Ms. Steele. She has everything from Nora Roberts to Clive Cussler on them.

LF: That is true. I can’t say just one author influenced me. I was influenced by many of the books I’ve read. My favorite genre is romance but I haven’t passed up a Clive Cussler book yet.

JHS: When you’re not writing, what are some of your favorite things to do? Do you and Gannon ever hang out together?

LF: When I’m not writing, I’m usually on the computer, reading a book and on occasion I’ll make jewelry. I’m a home body.

GL: She doesn’t hang out with us very much though she’s always more than welcome to hang at the Mansion with us.

LF: Thank you, Gannon. That was sweet of you.

GL: Yep, that’s me. Sugary sweet.

JHS: I see you’re shaking your head, Liena. I’m afraid to ask why. Are you working on anything new?

LF: Yes, I am working on the second novel in the series tentatively titled Frost at Dusk. This will be Andres Kaden and Lena Erickson’s story. Lena is an ice drakon and vampire hybrid who uses her deadly blood to avenge the death of a family member much to the dismay of the Alliance members and Andres, who thinks Lena is the hottest woman to grace this Earth. Her deadly blood, however, may add a strain to their relationship.

JHS: This story just sounds better and better. Maybe we’ll get to meet Andres sometime. Do you have any advice for new writers?

LF: My best advice is to have fun! Practice makes perfect. There is no time frame on when you need to complete your first story. Tweak it until you feel comfortable with it. Try to find yourself a critique partner or group. Someone who is honest with you and will help you perfect your work.

JHS: I know your release date isn't until November. Once it's available, how can readers get your book?

GL: Liena and I can be found at Eirelander Publishing. Feel free to stop by and look around.

LF: Thanks, Gannon, for answering that for me. Below are a few links that you can use to find me.

I can be found at,, and of course like Gannon said, is where you can pick up The Risen: Queen of the Ghost Drakon when it releases in November.

JHS: Gannon’s looking a little antsy so I’ll wrap this up, it was a pleasure talking to you. I appreciate you and him taking time out of your schedules to join us at Paranormal Romantics.

GL: Thanks for having us, Ms. Steele. I need to get back to my family. Josephine had a big biology test and I want to see how she did.Add Image

JHS: Do they all change like that? It was pretty fast. You’re smiling, Liena, so I assume I’m safe.

LF: Yes, you're safe, and thank you for having us. It was a blast being here today.

I’m really glad that’s over with. Talk about scary. Gannon's a pretty big wolf and an even bigger guy – all over if you know what I mean. Hey, look folks stop by next Friday to see what I cook up. Until then, remember - Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele


Rebecca Royce said...

Awesome interview and I can't wait for Lienna's book!!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Interesting interview. Best wishes :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rebecca and Sandi. Doing the interview was so much fun!


Annie Nicholas said...

Liena, the world you've built sounds fun to be in. Looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Annie.

It was fun to create the world of the drakon. The vamps, lycans, fae and demons were all fairly normal so I needed a slightly unusual paranormal species. I love dragons so the drakon were born.


Sandy said...


Your husband sounds like mine. Only my hubby added that writing would be more productive than reading. lol

Great interview, J and L and G. Grin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sandy.

I wouldn't have even thought to write a book if it wasn't for my husband. Like I say, it's amazing what the power of suggestion can do.


Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Loved the interview, and that Gannon sounds like a hunk and a true hero! The world you created also sounds fab, Liena! Can't wait to get my hands on it!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Z.

It was a blast to write Queen of the Ghost Drakon. I enjoyed creating the world of The Risen and their alpha heroes.


J Hali said...

I'd like to thank Liena and Gannon for dropping by. It was an eye-opener in many ways! *grinning at Gannon*

Thanks for the fun.

Chiron said...

Great interview! What a detailed world you're creating, Liena! Really very intriguing. Wishing you much success and many sales!

--Chiron O'Keefe
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