Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet the Nosferatu Brothers

Happy Manic Monday. We’ll start the week with a few announcements. The Paranormal Romantics are hitting the chat loops. This Saturday you can find us at Talking Two Lips review. Come join the fun! Also if you want to enter a contest to win a copy of The Omegas go over to Dark Diva reviews. I’ve announced the winner of The Omegas release party at my blog.

A big pot of virtual coffee is brewing. I had a crazy sleepless weekend and not for any reasons a dirty mind could think of, too bad, but for having to work overtime. This gave me some alone time with the Nosferatu Brothers on Saturday night.

They reside in my head and make appearances in my vampire stories and finally agreed to allow me to record an interview with them.

Tane: We’re not brothers as defined by human definition but belonging to the same clan makes us…family.

Annie: So, you care for one another?

Dragos: No.

Daedalus: Yes.

Tane: Sometimes. What family doesn’t have issues? *crosses arms and glares at Dragos*

Annie: Welcome to Paranormal Romantics, where love can meet the unexplained. Can you describe a little about what makes your clan different from other vampire clans?

Tane: Love is only a hormonal response.

Daedalus: You’re only saying that because you haven’t fallen in love in centuries.

Tane: More like millennia.

Annie: Can someone answer the question instead?

Dragos: We’re gods in comparison to modern vampires. Their existence stems from ours. We rule, they obey.

Annie: Really? You’re always an inspiration for more stories Dragos. *jots mental note for future reference*. What about your physical features?

Tane: Why focus on that? What about the power?

Daedalus: Bald is the new sexy. *winks at Annie, who blushes and gets dizzy*.

Dragos: *gags* “Keep it in your pants, brother.”

Annie: Okay then, Tane. What about your powers?

Tane: *glares at Dragos* They’re far from god-like but out clan gave up most of our humanity in comparison to the other vampire clans. It makes us appear less like men but the strongest monsters.

Dragos: I’ve had enough of this. *storms from blog*

Annie: *stands* Wait. What’s his problem?

Daedalus: He hates being reminded of what he’s lost. *follows Dragos but not before pinching Annie’s tush*

Annie: Hey! Call me?

Tane: It best you don’t remember this, Annie. *passes a hand over her face and leaves*

Annie: I’m sorry folks. I guess they’re not going to show up tonight. They promised though. *sigh*


J Hali said...

LOVE it! That was great, Annie.

Hailey Edwards said...

Too cute, Annie. I'm loving your bald is beautiful campaign.