Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My World Building Brain

My World Building Brain

So with all of these earthquakes coming lately I’ve been wondering if Joss Ware’s fictional Beyond the Night series is coming true. (SPOILER) Is Atlantis rising and bringing with it all these changes in platonic activity?

My heart goes out sincerely to all the people in Haiti and Chile who are suffering. This post is not meant in any way to make light of their situation.

It’s just that I—an admitted not religious scholar—can’t help what my imagination does in times like this. Every event I see, read about, or experience—even something as mundane as waiting in line at the deli, has become a word building experience to me.

Having said that, I can’t help now but wonder what novels are going to come from all this strangeness happening in our world.

What do you think? Does this happen to you?


J Hali said...

My heart goes out to all who have suffered in these tragedies too, Rebecca.

But like you, my mind wanders around inside my head and it asks, "What's next? How will it affect us all." So, yes, it happens to me.

Peggy Bechko said...

Yes, it does. These tragedies are pretty much stop you in your tracks horrifying, but a writer's mind is always busy worrying at the edges of these things. What's happening? What if? And I happen to be working on a paranormal Atlantis novel at the moment so it did add a new dimension.

Annie Nicholas said...

Unfortuately no. They just make me really, really nervous. Sometimes a good imagination is not a good thing.

Beth said...

And now the earthquake in Taiwan. Changeling Press author started working on an anthology called Aftershock right after Haiti. It due to be released soon and all the royalties are going to be donated to disaster relief. I think that's great and can't wait to buy it to help out a little.