Friday, March 5, 2010

Real Housewives of Orange County

I know everyone that comes over to PR today will be dying to know the outcome of the final show of the season. Right? Lmao.

Paranormal--HEY—it is another world!

Guilty pleasure? HELL NO!—I love this show and I am going to go into serious withdrawal! Every Thursday night I settle down with a glass of wine and tune in to BravoTV. I even watch when it’s rerun during the week just to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I don’t watch the New York or Atlanta shows—just Orange County. Could be because I was fatally hooked on OC the first season. They have sunshine, palm trees and the Pacific Ocean.

WAIT! I do have next week’s wrap up show where all the ladies sit around and sling mud at each other—I’ll be there.

Anyway, this is where my mind is so it’s what you get today. Remember, the only thing I ever promised is you’d never get the teachy and booky stuff from me. Otherwise, anything is fair game. A quick summary of the cast and last night is below.

And like reading a book—it’s subjective.

Alexis and her husband, Jim Bellino, are new this year and could leave and I wouldn’t miss them. They are tied at the hip and one can’t wiggle without the other shaking. Neither one brings anything new. My guess is in a couple years Alexis will know exactly how Tamra feels. She breathes very little without Jim’s permission. Oh, he has allowed her to take a pt job with her plastic surgeon.

Lynne (who came in midway last year) and her husband, Frank Curtin, got evicted from their lovely little Laguna Beach home and she’s blaming him! I’m pretty sure she was aware his construction business was suffering when she got a face lift and decided the oldest daughter needed a nose job and a designer purse that was over 1K! Lynn took the girls and moved in with mom because she doesn’t know if she can stand being with the husband. Frank’s lucky to get a break from her and those two girls. He should hide out for as long as he can. Those three women are the reason he headed to the poorhouse. She needs to worry about the youngest daughter who curses at the parents like a sailor and she’s on her way to being a teenage drunkard. At 16 she arrived at the end of season party soused. Mind you, she rode in the limo with her parents and Lynne claims to not have seen her drinking in the limo. She said something like “I couldn’t see what they were doing way over where they sat in the car!” Crazzzyy!! Unfortunately, Frank now works for Lynne…Uhh, she has a jewelry (cuffs) line!

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley—Gretchen found out Slade dated another housewife. How many is that now? Hey, she got him on the rebound from an original OC housewife, Jo De La Rosa, and however many more he schlepped around with. He goes everywhere she goes. He had his eye on a few ladies at the party last night! There is something about Gretchen that doesn’t allow me to care one way or the other whether she stays or goes.

Tamra Barney, came along in season three—Poor Tamra she got stuck with Simon for a husband and can’t make a move without him. Once she sheds his dead weight, she’ll be a much better woman and person. If she gets back to work and learns to stand on her own two feet without Simon dictating when and where she’s allowed to go and who she can be friends with, she’ll be okay. I’d like to see her be happy.

Jeana Keough, one of the originals (her legs appeared in the ZZ Top video for "Legs")—Ex playboy playmate and she is one of the women who I thought had some sense, though she could start stuff, and then she’d sit back and watch the fireworks. Her last season but I hope she pops in now and then.

Vicki Gunvalson, one of the originals—I like Vicki and I like her husband, Donn, who is so laid back. Unlike the other men, he is secure enough to not follow behind Vicki’s every move. Vicki takes a lot of criticism for crying so much and I think it’s because she has to deal with the ladies above. I’d cry every time I saw one of them coming and head the other way! If we were friends, I’d have to have a stiff drink before I let them through my door. Otherwise, she’s tough, high powered, runs her own financially thriving insurance business, and when she’s not around the other women—she’s one hell of a lady. Other than the TV show and exposure, I don’t know why she stays. If it’s because she does truly value their friendship—I like her even more.

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, who’ll be around next year. One thing is for sure—I’ll be front and center on my couch, wine in hand, and eyes glued to the set.

Until then: Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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LOL You're crazy. OC housewives?? Thanks for the update, I always wondered what it was about.