Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Release of Five Leaf Clover

I'm pleased to share with you my latest book release: FIVE LEAF CLOVER. This is the third book in my Holiday Magic series.

Blurb: Jinx may have a handle on her job as the town’s baker, but it’s the leprechaun jig that’s out of control. She has a tendency to spill coins wherever she goes...not a good thing in a small town.

With big city hotels booked solid for the college basketball tourney, Conor is forced to cools his heels in the tiny town. It’s by pure accident that he stumbles upon Jinx’s secret. He demands three wishes and threatens to hold her hostage unless the curvy redhead complies.

Jinx will need more than the luck of the Irish to convince her sexy suitor she’s not his fortune at the end of the rainbow. Or is Conor the one man who can make her chose love over magic?


“You’re a leprechaun.” He inched toward her with slow, deliberate movements. “I’ve heard the legends. I know the folklore. Female leprechauns are rare, and the most lucky of the magical beings.” For one insane moment, Conor gave silent acknowledgement to his crazy uncle.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, right.” Another two steps brought him around the table’s edge. He paused, his heart pounding a staccato rhythm as he gazed at her. He could see her panic, but he didn’t know how to alleviate it without missing the fantastic opportunity she presented. Catching a real, live leprechaun! Maybe he wanted to pay back the old ills for his family. Too bad his uncle hadn’t lived to see an actual magical being after a lifetime spent in the hunt.

“I saw you last night, with your bag of coins. You are a leprechaun, and I will catch you.”

Vaulting between the table and the door, he nearly caught the hem of her green-and-gold plaid skirt, but she danced out of his grasp to run down the hall and he skittered on the polished hardwood. Recovering, Conor gave chase, his adrenaline giving him the added burst of speed he needed to keep pace with her. She paused then bolted to the left, stumbling up the staircase.

At the landing, Conor gripped her arm but was foiled again as she wiggled away. “You have nowhere to go. Just give up.” His foot slipped as he climbed, slowing him down. She raced up the next flight of stairs, gave him a glance over her shoulder and hesitated. Conor bounded up the remaining stairs, two at a time.

At the top, the woman ran down the hall to pause once more in front of a door only two rooms down from his, fumbling with her key. He almost reached her when she wrenched it open. Just as it swung inward, he crammed his foot against the frame, preventing its closure.

He shoved the pain in his right foot to the back of his mind. It could be dealt with later. He let loose a victorious laugh as he grabbed the edge of the door and limped into the room. Conor leaned his full weight against the wood as he closed it without a sound. “There’s nowhere to run, leprechaun.”

“Don’t call me that.” The woman backed away from him, panting. “Get out of my room.” Her shapely backside connected with the edge of a bed much like his own, but a quilt in bright cheery colors covered hers.

Conor’s chest heaved from the impromptu workout. He grinned. She was his ticket to the good life. No longer would he need to work twelve-hour days in the management office of Worldwide Parcel Delivery. No more crappy schedules, meaningless red tape, unbearable bosses. He lunged at her and they both tumbled on the bed. “I’ll let you go only when you grant me my three wishes.”

All thoughts of anything but her leeched from his brain as she struggled beneath him. He couldn’t help but notice she was warm and soft in all the right places. When one of her flailing fists cracked him on the jaw, Conor winced and the lustful thoughts were forgotten. “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Guilt tightened his chest at the apprehension in her eyes. He truly hadn’t meant to terrify her, but he didn’t release his grip on her wrists. “You have my word.”

“I have no reason to trust you.”

“You have no reason not to, but it would be very unlucky of me to harm a leprechaun.” He grinned, his lips inches from hers. “I’m Irish to the core. My grandmother taught me a thing or two about charm and cleverness, but it was my uncle who taught me about the magic of leprechauns.” Conor held her gaze, ignoring the threads of desire that swirled through his gut as her curves pressed against his body. For someone so petite, she had big appeal.

She swallowed. “What’s your name?” Her breath warmed his cheek. “I can’t reason with a nameless man.”

“Conor Leath.” Her scent wrapped invisible threads around his consciousness. Light and elusive, it reminded him of the fields of clover he used to run in on his grandmother’s land. “You’re like a five-leaf clover. Rare, exclusive and very, very lucky.” Tentatively, he touched one of her deep red curls, pleased when it wound around his finger. “I’m glad I found you.”

A splash of pink stained her cheeks. “My name is Jinx. Jenika, legally, but I hate that name.” She drew a shaky breath that caused the curve of her breasts to push against his chest. “I won’t run away. You have my word.” She stirred beneath him. Two silver coins tinkled together on the quilt near her waist. “What do you want?”

He spared a glance at the money, reminded of his original purpose. “Three wishes. The legends say if a person catches a leprechaun, he or she gets three wishes—anything they want, as long as the leprechaun remains their captive.” He lifted a brow. “If the leprechaun escapes, the captor’s luck runs out.” Conor smiled. “I have no intention of letting you go.”

Jinx shivered but met his gaze. “Fine, I’ll give you three wishes, whatever you want, but you have to at least allow me the freedom of some movement.”

“Okay.” He eased his body from hers a fraction of an inch.

“Are the wishes the only thing you want?” The tip of her tongue darted out to wet her lips, leaving them a glossy, rose-hued Cupid’s bow.

Conor followed the nervous gesture, and stifled a curse. He’d probably regret it, but he couldn’t help himself. “And this.”

Swiftly, before he could lose his nerve, he pressed his lips to hers. Lush and pliable, they yielded to him as his mouth moved over hers with deliberate care. Just like in the diner, a brief electric shock tickled his insides, and he raised his head to stare at her.

Jinx slapped his cheek.

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Annie Nicholas said...

Congrats on your new release. These last few months have been very busy for you. Here's to more to come!

J Hali said...

Sandi, congratulations and best of luck!

Rebecca Royce said...

Congratulations Sandi You are such a multi-talented author. I am thrilled for you.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks ladies. Truth be told, I'm looking forward to some down time so I can just concentrate on writing :-)