Monday, April 5, 2010

The unusual suspect a.c.Mason. Sweet tooth and all.

Thank you Paranormal Romantics for having me over for visit. I don’t often leave the evil mastermind lair and mingle. Please call me Mason. I'm happy to be joining all of you.

Why the unusual suspect? One I didn’t want to take from the movies and two I’m not very romantic. Though when I tell fellow writers who’ve read my work about my lack of romance they usually start to list of the all the romantic stuff in my writing. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to write romance but when I write that isn’t what comes out of my brain. lol.I do write romantic and erotic element. Parts of the story involve a romance and hot love scenes.

My stories usually involve a oh so hot man and a woman. She’s probably not someone you want to annoy or be on the other side a battle with. My writing voice is described as a unique mélange of complex characters, well-crafted suspense, and mesmerizing visceral erotica. My stories are the place where darkness meets human desire and fairytales endings are not promised but earned. Oh and I really like leaving the reader hanging. Don't let that get out. lol.

I’m mischievous and blunt which makes for a spicy mix. At least that's what I tell my friends. I do have a book out called Aequitas I Betrayal and just finished the sequel Aequitas II Punishment. What took so long? I was writing another book at the same time CHOCOLATE DAMSEL a historical and really it wasn't that long.

What are Aequitas?
The Aequitas, part angel and demon, have kept the balance between the forces of good and evil-until now.

Yes, there is a oh so hot man. His name is Etienne Grant but I’d watch out for him. There are others but you’ll have to read the book to meet them.

When I was asked to come over and visit Rebecca gave me some ideas about what to write about. One of the topics was writing. My favorite activity in the world aside from eating ice cream. I love ice cream. Maybe I should write about eating ice cream. Ice cream with pie. Butter tars or sugar pie go nicely with vanilla ice cream. Mint chocolate is another good choice to cool down with. All those candy bar flavors are heavenly.

I’m getting a little pit in my tummy. Aren’t you?? I know just the thing….sh sh don’t tell anyone I skipped out to get myself a heaping bowl of delicious icy confection. I do hope they have me back. I have a sweet tooth.

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Rebecca Royce said...

Mason, you crack me up. Thanks for being here today. Now I want ice cream. Drat. LOL! When does Aequitas II come out?


Annie Nicholas said...

Hey Mason! Welcome to PR. I read some of Chocolate Damsel and can't wait for it to come out so I can finish. :)

J Hali said...

Welcome, Mason, you're something else! Like Annie, I want to finish Chocolate Damsel!

a.c. MASON said...

I’ll keep you posted on the release. I had a great time coming by thank you for having me. I hope I wasn’t too dark.


Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

Chocolate Damsel is amazing! Mason gave me a peek. But now I need chocolate cherry ice cream. I also loved Aequitas I, Betrayal. It's a masterpiece and I can't wait for Aequitas II, Punishment.