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Chapter 4, Part 2

Time for an awwwww moment. My youngest son and my new grandbaby JJ, Jade Alexandria. Unfortunately my camera broke so I don't have pictures of daddy and the baby. :(
But, I should be getting some from the other grandmother.

Okay, I'll keep my comments short this morning and just get to the story. Happy Saturday, all.

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***Warning. The following story contains erotic elements, explicit language and violence. Read at your own risk.***

He grabbed her ass, lifting her from the floor. Tesza wrapped her legs around his hips as he backed her against the wall. He pulled his mouth free. “Are we so different, you and I?”

Physically, genetically they were almost identical. But where light resided in her people, his were only born of darkness. It wasn’t his soul that would be tainted, but hers. Murderer. “Please, we can’t do this.”


“It’s wrong.”

“Then why does it feel right?”

“Gods, I don’t know, Kori. But only misery will come from this.” She’d hurt Jarod and her people. One way or the other, someone would feel the pain of her actions.

“Ursus, my name is Ursus.” His lips brushed her neck sending chills racing across her skin. “I want you Tesza.” A hand slid up her body, cupping her breast. His head dropped and he drew her nipple into his mouth. Tesza moaned and arched back. He pulled his mouth away. “Give yourself to me. I don’t believe we would be damned.”

“Do you know what you’re asking?”

“I don’t have to ask. I’m bigger, stronger.”

“But you ask.”

“I’d never force you. Give me one day and I’ll take you back where I found you.”

It was Fourth Night. Tesza bit her lip and glanced at the bed. One day with the enemy. He’d free her, she’d fulfill her calling and she’d be alive to fight another star-rise. “I need something from the plaza.” If she was going to bargain like a cheap whore she might as well get everything she could. She’d give him more than he expected.

“You don’t have to have sex with me to get whatever it is you want.” His fingers traced the tattoo on her face. “I’ll give you that and a chance to walk out at star-fall. What I want to know is how you’ll spend the day?”

“You’ll keep me safe while I retrieve it? Regardless my choice?”

He stared at her through hooded eyes, steaming her on the inside. “Yes.”

Tesza nodded. “Then yes.”

“Yes what?”

She closed her eyes and tried to picture Jarod. The taste of him when he kissed her, his hands when he touched her. His promise to claim her soon. But he dodged away and was replaced with the image of another. Her heart picked up its pace. She opened her eyes and her stomach twisted into knots. Ursus.

She swallowed and nodded.

He pressed her against the cool surface of the plaster, resting his forehead against hers. “Not until you say it. Ask. I want to know this isn’t for your freedom. I want to know you desire to share your body with me.”

“Yes. I want you.” She did. Every bone in her body cried for him. Ached. He’s the enemy, Tesza. No guilt. Do it. Jarod will understand. He’ll have to understand. Infect him.

Ursus swung her around and walked her to the bed. Slowly he lowered her to the mattress, pressing his weight on top on her. Tesza closed her eyes and tried to block out images of young Kori children who played in the streets. Innocents who didn’t care that she was Kalos, or that she was different. Too young to understand hate. They ran laughed and played. No worries of war or death.

Soon they’d die. All of them. They filled the city as much as soldiers who killed. She’d seen them in passing, paused to watch them from the shadows, wishing she could be as free.

Gods she cared too much and not only about the innocents.

He pulled back to his elbows and kissed the tip of her nose. “Open your eyes, Kalos.”

“I can’t do this.” Tesza opened her eyes and they filled with tears. “I can’t.”

“Don’t you feel it?”

“Yes.” She turned her face away. She couldn’t deny there was something that lingered between them, a hunger that demanded satisfaction, but she couldn’t do this. Hurting him felt wrong, as much as killing the innocents.

Soon Jarod would claim her. He’d take her body, fill this need and settle the hunger. She’d felt lust with him, desire. But with Ursus, it was different. It pulled harder on her, demanded she sate herself. It confused her.

“Tesza.” He kissed her cheek where a tear escaped. “I can’t deny this attraction, this need I have, but if you can’t, I won’t force this.” Ursus pulled back and Tesza grabbed his arms.

She couldn’t do this, but letting him go seemed just as hard. The knots in her stomach tightened. Traitor. Infect him.

He dropped back to his elbows, pressing his body against hers. “It is a legend of my people that by the sharing of bodies, our souls collide and become one. You will always have a part of me with you, and I you. Sex isn’t taken lightly. Young single males only mate with temple girls until they find their match. When we chose another to mate, it’s someone we want for life and even after our mate’s death, we take no other.”

“Then why me, if you can’t have me?”

“Because I believe you’re the one I’ve waited my life for.”

He waited his life for this? “How can you know?”

“Because when I spotted you, I saw your aura and it moved towards me.”

Tesza laughed nervously. “You were wearing a heat-sensitive visor.” Maybe if she pushed him away the need would go with him.

“I saw you after I flipped it up. Make no mistake, you are her. Your soul called to mine.”

He lowered his mouth and softly kissed her lips. The moment they touched, she no longer doubted him. The energy he’d spoke of pulsed through her. Ursus stood and unbuckled his belt.

The Kori dropped his pants. Tesza’s eyes widened then darted back and forth between his cock and face. Why did she feel like she was betraying Jarod? He would understand. This was for the greater good of the people.

Ursus slid back on the bed beside her and leaned up on one elbow, now face to face. “You haven’t done this before?”

Tesza shook her head; her gaze remained on his cock. With trembling fingers she reached out to touch him, stroking around the darkened head and softly sweeping down the shaft. Ursus jerked, his breath caught. He was built different than Jarod. Not as big, but thicker.

She curled her fingers around it and gave a soft squeeze. Ursus groaned.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled it over her head, snagged the other and rolled onto her. “I need to give you pleasure first.” He pressed her palms against the metal rods of the headboard. “Hold these. Don’t let go unless I tell you to.”

He began to devour her mouth, sweeping his tongue against her bottom lip, nibbling it till she opened. Ursus deepened the kiss, drawing the air from her lungs. Tesza moaned and he kissed a path down her neck.

“You’re killing me, Kori.” Tesza pulled her hands free and Ursus grabbed them, placing them back on the rails.

“Don’t let go.” His hands stroked and caressed as he moved down her body, suckling her breast, kissing her stomach and blowing warm air across it. Tesza arched up into his mouth and he leaned over, nipping her hip.

She cried out, bucking up. Strong hands slid under her bottom lifting her and he progressed, nibbling down her thigh.

“Dear gods. Ursus, it’s too much.” It was every bit as intense as third night, maybe even more.

Warm breath washed over her clit. His tongue snaked out and licked her between the folds, flicking back and forth over the pink nub.

Tesza screamed and let go, grabbing his hair. Ursus latched hold of her wrists, reattaching them back on the headboard. “Relax. Let me take you to ecstasy.”

“Ecstasy? You’re torturing me. I can’t take it. Please.” If he only knew how deep the need was.

Then guilt. What was she doing? His people wanted her people erased from existence and here she was, enjoying it.

Gods. Betrayer.

Ursus looked up and grinned. “I’ve just gotten started.”

“Please.” She couldn’t be strung any tighter. Her body hummed from three days of touch. Anymore could kill her.

“You let go again and I’ll tie your hands to the posts. This will go on for hours until you’re begging me to take you.”

Hours? Jarod had left her so sensitive her skin burned with every touch. She’d already done that, another minute restrained and she’d go up like dry tender.

Tesza licked her lips and closed her eyes. Her heart jumped in her chest, skin tingled and goose bumps erupted. She shivered and nearly jumped from her body when his lips made contact again.

Tesza arched off the bed screaming out, “Oh gods.”

A hand slid up her thigh and a finger probed into her. Tesza sucked in a breath and tightened.

“Relax. Why are you so tense pretty Kalos?”

“Relax? Do you have any idea how hard it is to do that?”

Ursus looked up again. “I have some idea. The last time I had a woman, was on my twenty year naissance, before I joined the Kori military.” His head dropped to nibble her thigh.

“How old are you?”

“I’ve recently seen my thirty year naissance.”

He’d waited ten years? He’d waited for her, told her that much. She hadn’t understood how deeply he meant it until now. A heated wave of shame slammed into her. She couldn’t do this. The only reason he hadn’t killed her is that he wanted her body, believed there was some link between them.

She tried to tell herself Jarod would understand. No. He wouldn’t. Even if it was her duty to her people. He’d forbidden her the city.

Gods no. Ursus felt right and wrong all at once. If they ever found out she’d let the enemy touch her body without completing the task, they’d stone her, but to continue she’d hurt the man with her now.


Ursus lifted his head. “Stop?”

“I can’t do this. You’re an enemy soldier. This isn’t right. We aren’t right. Stop.”

“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you. I believe you’re the one.”

“But I’ll hurt you. I can never be your one.” Tesza let go of the posts and shoved on his shoulders. “Get off. I’ve betrayed my clan, my family and the memories of all who died at the Kori hands in this moment. You have to get off before I change my mind.”

Ursus backed off the bed and snatched his pants off the floor. He crammed his legs in with irritation, ran a hand through his hair, giving her an icy stare. “Get out.” He fastened his pants and turned his back to her. “Get out before I remember who I am and where my duty lies.”

Tesza swallowed hard, her eyes filled with tears. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him. She ached for him. “But you said it wasn’t safe to go out in the daytime.”

“Why do you think I care?” His words bit into her.

“I need clothes.”

He threw a pile of soft silk in vibrant turquoise at her.

Tesza grabbed them and dressed. The top dropped in the style of a Kori noblewoman’s. The pants were cuffed at the ankle, slit open to the top of her thighs and rode just over the curve of her hips. The sleeveless top fastened in the front with several clasps that left open fabric between, modestly covering the female parts.

The fabric was the softest she’d ever worn. Clearly Kori, clearly wrong. She should walk out of here naked instead of insulting her family by donning this garb. Tesza fought the tears that threatened to pour. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m just not who you think I am.”

He spun around and was instantly in her face. He grabbed her, pulled her against his body and kissed her. His lips were hard and unforgiving, fierce. “I would never be mistaken about that. Leave before I revert to my murderous ways. Leave before I can’t let you go.” The last bit almost came out as a whisper. Had she heard right?

He grabbed a silken scarf and stuffed it in her hands. “Cover your hair.”

The Kori had dark hair and brown dusky skin. The Kalos were pale blonds, reds and honeys. Fair and unmistakable. Tesza’s own hair so light, it seemed like strands of star rays. She’d be identified on sight. Kori woman cloaked themselves in public. Not because their men demanded it, but rather their gender.

The Kori women were hard about the rules of decency and did not deviate from them. To do so would be to dishonor the women of the household and lose face in society. This one rule would make it easy to hide. Easy to hide all but her eyes.

As if reading her mind, Ursus shoved an overdress and veil at her. “Don’t look anyone in the eyes.”

Tesza nodded. Blue eyes were common with the Kalos and unknown among the Kori. One look and she’d be dead.


“Don’t forget what you bargained for.” His voice sounded cold, emotionless. His face, stone. “Leave. I’m letting you walk out. Go retrieve whatever it is you need. I will pull my patrols from the sector where I found you. You have one time-section and not a second more. Go.”

Tesza flinched. Did he think she felt nothing? If she stayed…

He spun on his heel and disappeared into the privy. The door slid shut behind him; the clank cut her soul in two. He was right. She already seemed to be yearning for him as though he were a dead mate.


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