Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'll Be Back....

This was one of my first blogs on PR and I still love it because I still LOVE Terminator. Do you? Comment below on this or any Sci Fi related issue and you can have your choice from my collection of works. Be sure to leave me your e-mail address and your choice of books.

Now, onto Terminator. Ralph and I recently went to the movies to see the newest installment of The Terminator movie. (We got a sitter and planned it weeks in advance; this is how two people with an almost two year old and an almost four year old who are pregnant with their third son go to the movies.) Several weeks earlier, we’d set up the same scenario to see The Star Trek Movie.

I know Terminator was somewhat panned by the critics but we really enjoyed it and I think, as a good friend of ours said, really the only thing wrong with it was that it came out two weeks after Star Trek which was truly exceptional and probably the movie of the summer.

Anyway, as per usual, I digress. I was quite young when the first Terminator movie came out and, in any case, I think I saw T2 first but that is neither here nor there. Over the years, I’ve watched the Terminator movies many times and enjoyed each and every one of them.

Although I knew T3 was not the favorite of most fans of the series, I loved it. Why? Because Skynet finally won. Does that sound nuts? Yup. Let me explain. In the first two movies, John and Sarah Connor (okay in T1 she’s not even pregnant with him yet but they talk about him constantly) fight to stop Skynet from doing what we are told Skynet has already done. Even after they destroy it in the first one, it comes back in 2 to try again.

I guess I kind of like the idea that sometimes the inevitable is inevitable and, for me, it was nice to see that John was finally going to become the man we are told over and over again he will be.

I think this is a running theme in most of my works. If my books have nothing much in common with each other, except for the fact that they all fall within the Fantasy/Sci Fi/Paranormal Romance genre, they share this common trait. To be honest, it wasn’t until quite recently I wasn’t even aware of this myself. But there is a character, maybe not the hero, it could be the heroine, and he or she has a destiny to meet if only they can become the person they were born to be.

Now that I am aware of this, I wonder if I will continue to do it. Hmmm….

Perhaps another common thread is that each of my books has a little bit of a fight scene in them. My critique partner once asked me how my husband felt about the fact that I was a little bit bloodthirsty? What can I say? We get babysitters to go see the Terminator movies and once upon a time I recorded the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I’m still a girl who loves romance, multi-faceted as I think so many of us are.

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stacey said...

I just love Terminator and Sci fi is my fave in fact its my Favorite Channel on TV.Grew up on Star Trek and stuf can't get anuff Sci fi.


J Hali said...

I remember reading this--it's still good!

Sandra Sookoo said...

I never got into it. Hubby really likes it but not me. My expectations for sci-fi are really high so more often than not, stuff on that channel is just plain dorky.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE scifi. The hubby not so much tho he doesn't mind a bit of Star Trek now and again. He likes the pretty girls....hehe!!!!

I also loved Terminator but I haven't seen the newest one yet.

in Germany

Jean P said...

I love sci-fi, usually have the sci-fi channel on during the week at some point.


The Spirit Guide said...

I loved T2! I loved how buff Linda H. got for that movie!


Sherry said...

It's been a couple of years since I've watched Terminator but I did love it. I watched T2 on TV the other day and it was great.


Cathy M said...

I was a big fan of the Terminator movies and even enjoyed the short lived tv series.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Virginia C said...

Hi, Rebecca! "Ahnuld" is a force of nature--he is "The Terminator". One of the most confident and determined people ever to inhabit the planet. He's made his mark in the film world, the political scene and is forever enshrined in American Popular Culture. I say sit back with your popcorn and enjoy! Very entertaining!!!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

SiNn said...

im a huge scifi fan for sure and i love the Terminator series and the movies


Annie Nicholas said...

My recently got introduced to the series and loved it.