Friday, June 4, 2010



It’s Friday already! What a week this has been. Paranormal Romantics had a wonderful opening day and an awesome week of posts. You’ve read about dragons, vampyres (Yeah, on my day it will be spelled in the old English way with a ‘y’ plus I like how it looks) anyway, I digress. We’ve read about book addicts, sci-fi and fantasy. One thing is for sure – we covered the paranormal and romance.

In my particular case, erotic paranormal romance. In their form of a cat, vampyre, angel or demon, my characters will bite you or eat you, but most of all they’ll make pure, unadulterated love to you.

…and this:
In the weeks to come there will be much more. We intend to fascinate you and pull you in with tidbits and big bits of information. We’ll talk about our books, of course, but also tell you about others. We’ll keep you excited and interested in everything romance.

…and this:
There will be days of good old fashioned hunks, nothing fancy, just a picture of a hot body. But who knows, I might throw in a Purple P Rose-like lady here and there. (ok-so I didn't do this because I could never find any-you got 'em...send 'em my way!) Friday is my day and I’ve also dubbed it Furday, Fireday and Freeday. Anything goes. So be prepared for some crazy fun times.

Yup, that was then, this is now and not much has changed. We all gave you the best of our “tidbits and big bits” as I called them, and like everyone, new and old, I’m looking forward to another year of FUN ON FRIDAYS and I hope you’ll hang around too.

Ooh! Ooh! If you live near a Friendly’s, Saturday, June 5th—free ice cream noon to 5!

Now, as promised I’m giving away a PDF copy of one of my books—name it, it’s yours!

Buttt…I couldn’t make it that easy. *grins*

Here’s a question I asked June 5, 2009 blog: What does gingerbread and electricity have in common? You may have to go time!!

Everyone who answers it right will get a spin in the random hat for a chance to win. So, don’t forget to leave contact information so I can give the prize away!!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Anonymous said...

Well, had to go way back to find the answer to your question...hehe!!!

June 5th is both Gingerbread Day and Fly A Kite Day. Here's your original post.

On June 5, 1752, Benjamin Franklin harnessed electricity from lightning with a kite and a key. Since then, June 5th has been known as Fly a Kite Day in America.

Gingerbread cookies, gingerbread boys and gingerbread houses may be the stuff of Christmas celebrations. Still, June 5th is Gingerbread Day. This is the day when bakers brew up sweet muffins, cakes and baked delights, filled with tangy gingery deliciousness.

in Germany

Kristabel Reed said...

OK, wasn't thinking what Val said. I was trying to decide whether Thomas Edison had some gingerbread fetish or Ben had an allergy to them.

I wonder what else happened on June I must search.
Looking forward to some interesting sounding Fridays!

J Hali said...

Hi, did it! Congrats.

Kristabel, there were a bunch more in that post...check them out, pretty interesting.

joder said...

WTG, Valerie! That's exactly what I found too.

We definitely need to start celebrating gingerbread on June 5th in some way.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Sandra Sookoo said...

It's been a wild year, huh Joanne? Best wishes for another. And thanks for hosting me at Trampy Vamps today :-)

J Hali said...

WTG, Joder! My mom use to make gingerbread and cook a lemon sauce-YUM! I miss that stuff. Does anyone have a recipe they'd like to share? *winking* at Sandra Sookoo.

Sandi, I think we're off to a good start. Congrats, again, on your release of ROCKET'S RED GLARE!
See message above!!

Kristabel Reed said...

I'm (fairly) new to the blog, so haven't really had the chance to go back and read previous posts. Skimming through, it's a wonder it's taken me so darn long to find you all!

J Hali said...

I'm so glad you found us Kristabel, I pulled some of the most interesting from my post for you...if the link doesn't work, copy & paste--there was a lot more there about June 5th if you're interested.

1st Vegetarian Community established (Kansas; 1856)

National Brewers College founded (1879) – I like this one LOL

Hot Air Balloon Day

Special Saints day

Sophia Loren released from prison after serving 7 days for tax evasion (1968)

Bananas 1st arrived in US

Alice Cooper’s pet boa constrictor died after its dinner of a rat bit it first (1977)

Elvis Presley gyrated his hips on the Milton Berle Show, causing his 1st scandal (1956)

To find out more visit:

katsrus said...

Very interesting post today. Thanks.
Sue B

Rebecca Royce said...

Ah,,,hell, J. Now I have to come up with some sort of cool search. LOL!!

J Hali said...

Sue, how cool--katsrus! I love cats.

Rebecca, lol, just a tiny one!