Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Romance in a Paranormal World--ReDux

This blog originally posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009. My very first post for Paranormal Romantics at its inception.

Well, it’s Wednesday so that means I’m in charge today. I’m kinda loving the middle slot because sooner or later everyone has to pass through Wednesday to get to their destination. So you’ll just have to suffer through LOL Don’t worry, I’ll even make it fun for you later on with games and contests.

So, let’s talk romance in a paranormal world

To me, the point in picking up any book and reading it to the very last word is the lure of the happy ending. Now, obviously, some books don’t have that, especially if they will be drawn out over a series of books. I don’t mind a series, but at least each book in that series needs to have its own happily ever after. Romantic tension is one thing but drawing it out through several books isn’t for me. As a reader, I’ll become bored and my To-Be-Read pile contains enough books to substitute the frustrating book.

Be warned, right? LOL

Anyway, to me, the awesomeness that is writing within the paranormal world is the open scope for different facets of romance. I mean, come on, who among us doesn’t love an angst-filled, good looking, hard bodied vampire or demon now and then? Especially if their dark and dishy ways can be redeemed by the book’s end. Up the ante with a set of impossible circumstances or a race to prevent the total destruction of the world, and wham, you’ve got a great vessel to pour a romance in.

That’s not to say the heroine’s are without flaws. Insecurities, fears, concerns, bring me your baggage and I’ll write you in, have you undergo a transformation—internal or external—and sometimes both—but by the end, the journey is very much like a thousand miles.

The reader should be tired, happy, and hopeful at the end.

Because let’s face it: even though we live in a world where aliens and paranormals are oftentimes indiscernible to the naked (or unperceptive) eye, at the end of the day, we go home to our completely ordinary spouses who only grow horns during PMS or man-o-pause. LOL And we love them, but there’s always the urge to have our eyes dart to the shiny new book or e-reader device sitting on the table nearby.

We want to know, what would happen if…

I’m so glad I’m a writer because I can make up my own reality whenever I want to.

Addendum to this post circa modern day June 2, 2010--Over the past year, I've become way more internet and promotional saavy. When I signed on to blog with these ladies, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and thought I'd never run out of stuff to talk about LOL Oh boy was I wrong! Some weeks are harder than others to come up with content and as a result, I've shared some very personal insights and issues.

Do I still believe in romance in a paranormal world or is it now a fact of the paranormal being in a romance-driven society? I think it's a bit of both.

Paranormal romance has seen huge swings and changes over the last year. Vamps have simmered and bowed to the conquest of werewolves, angels and demons have taken the world by storm, and all kinds of other varmits have captured our imaginations.

I've discovered truths about my paranormal writing over the past year. I know now that I adore blending the paranormal with the historical, I absolutely LOVE writing an anti-hero and I've stuck to my guns in what I believe is best for my writing.

Above all, I firmly believe I've had the most fun I could have and I hope I've entertained you, the reader, with quality pieces and original story lines and characters.

So raise your glass and here's to another successful year for all of us!

REMEMBER--one random commenter will be drawn by midnight EST to win a goodie bag of book swag and a metal flip-flop shaped book mark to help celebrate summer. Along with your comment, please leave your email address.

ALSO, I have a brand new vampire/foodie book releasing on Friday, June 4th called ROCKET'S RED GLARE, available from Eirelander Publishing, Inc.. To those who have read my books before know that I'm fond of both vampires and food-related things! ;-) I hope you'll take time to stop by my website and my Believing is Seeing blog for contest information, buy information and giveways.


Stacey Smith said...

I at one time would only read SF now all i read is Romance mostly Paranormal Romance could not live whit out my Paranormal romance.I'm a new blog follower and already I'm loving your blog.


J Hali Steele said...

Sandi, WOW, what a timeless post--it's still good! Congrats on your upcoming release. *winks*

Happy Birthday PR!

Annie Nicholas said...

Good point on the paranormal being caught in a romantic society. I never thought of it in that light before.
Congrats on the up-coming release.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks ladies! If there's one thing I'm good at (besides writing) it's doing the blog thing :-) Can't wait until my book is released :-)

P.L. Parker said...

Congratulations on the new release. I have to admit, about all I read these days is paranormal romances. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

I love paranormal romances in every genre. I don't only read paranormals, but if I pick up an historical or a suspense and find there are paranormal elements in it, it's like the cherry on the cake!!!

I enjoyed your post.

in Germany

Caroline Clemmons said...

I love paranormal romance, which is why my current release OUT OF THE BLUE is a time travel. I also read other subgenrres, but my WIP is another time travel. Like you, I think they're fun to write. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Well, actually, I'd like it to also be about making pots of money, but I've given up on that one. LOL

The Scarf Princess said...

Congrats on the new release! I'm a paranormal junkie and love everything about them.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Vivi Dumas said...

I've always loved the paranormal and learned to love a good romance. Combining them together is like ravaging a decadent dessert.

Congrats on the new release.

paranormalqueen AT gmail DOT com

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for coming, every one! I'm so glad that the paranormal romance is still going strong.

Rocket's Red Glare will be out on Friday and I hope you'll all take a look :-)

Kristabel Reed said...

I love paranormal historicals! I don't think there are enough of them, sadly. (Paranormal historical menages...hmmm there's an idea.)

Stick to your writing guns, that's the best thing. Or so I believe, I may think differently in a year. :) Excellent post, thanks, Sandra!

Virginia C said...

Here's to another successful year for all : ) I still believe that Vampires rule the realm!

Paranormal romance is intense, shivery and wicked. I love INTENSE. Who would want a Vampire who was not intense? Having said that, it's so much more attractive for that Vampire to have one soft spot--his love for a very special woman! You are right on about the increasingly creative and expansive world of paranormal fiction! A savory-sweet, sensual smorgasbord--let's dine : )

Vampires will never lose their eerily erotic allure. They can easily dispatch all challengers to the paranormal throne. Vampires are the most insidious evil, often appearing solicitous and charming. All the while, they are sensing the beat of your heart and savoring the thought of slaking their thirst with the red, red wine of your blood. I've no doubt Vampires will be around as long as humanity exists.

US Resident, Follower, Subscriber

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Sandra Sookoo said...

Kristabel--I'm so glad you love paranormal historicals. I've done a few and loved every minute of it :-)

Virginia--I'm so glad you love the vamps. My second vamp story comes out Friday and hopefully soon, someone will pick up my third :-)

Thanks everyone for coming by today!


I love paranormals but I love a happy ending too.


Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

Food and vampires are two of my favorite things. Now if you put chocolate on both, it gets better.

Anonymous said...

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tetewa said...

Congrats on the release,Paranormal is my favorite genre!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Virginia C is the winner of my blog drawing!
Please contact me at with your mailing address.

Thank you all for dropping by! There will be another drawing next Wednesday and each comment enters you for the grand prize drawing at the end of the month!

Virginia C said...

Thank you very much, Sandra! I have emailed my info : )

katsrus said...

Congrads on your new release and congrads to the winner.
Sue B

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