Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where It Counts

I have a feeling July is going to be a really busy month for new releases around here at Paranormal Romantics. I get to add my newest release from Liquid Silver Books into the mix on July 12th with the second book in the Rebirth series titled, Blood Fever.

I wrote this book two years ago and it contains one of my favorite scenes. Even to this day, it is one of my favorites and to be honest, it probably always will be. It's powerfully emotional and there are revelations that hit you right where it counts - the heart. Put it this way - I found myself crying when I wrote the scene. And believe it or not, despite the fact I write erotic romance, it is not one of the sex scenes that I'm talking about (but believe me, those scenes stand out all on their own - this is my first "molten" title with Liquid Silver *ahem*). While I can't share the particular scene (it's in the last 3/4's of the book and anything past halfway in this book is considered major spoiler territory) I can share the prologue and the blurb.


Evande walked out on her lover, Quinn, fifty years ago without looking back because he wanted too much from her. Now, after she saves a dying human by turning him into a vampire, a wanted notice shows up demanding her death and she knows Quinn is the only one who can help her.

Standing on Quinn’s doorstep with Logan, she quickly finds herself fighting her attraction to both men. Thing is, both men don’t make a secret of the fact they want her. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, she also learns she isn’t the only one the Elders are after.

Deception, secrets and corruption.

Evande’s survived worse – but this time it may just kill her.


He pleaded for his life.
His whimpers were thick with death and despair. I knew he could feel his soul slipping to somewhere beyond here. I shook my head forcibly, knowing I could do nothing to help him even if I wanted to.
There are strict laws we vampires adhered to and since I'd been around since the advent of those rules, I knew them well.
Kill no more than you need to survive.
Disclose nothing to humans unless you intend to make them part of your regular meals—blood servants as it were.
Humans are not allowed to be rebirthed as a vampire unless it is under the guidance of the Elders and that is only to occur once every hundred years.
Being a vampire wasn't the glamorous life that Hollywood led humans to believe. I knew that perhaps better than anyone, I pushed those thoughts aside as I tried to focus on the situation I'd unknowingly walked into.
The stagnant air in the alley was heavy with the last moments of this man's life, as his body began to fail him. The scent of his fresh blood sat in my lungs and I needed to breathe through my mouth in an effort to prevent myself from literally drooling at the scent of his death. It had been centuries since I'd been near a human in the throes of death. Longer still since I'd physically drank the liquid that gave them life.
What I needed to do was turn my back on this struggling man and let him die with his last shred of dignity intact. Come on, Evande, get a damn grip on yourself. Death happened all the time in New York City, what should make this time any different?
Tears fell to the ground under him, his brown eyes pleading silently to me as I hovered over him. Despite my best efforts, I could feel my fangs elongating and I realized with a start that I wanted him. I wanted his blood fueling me, coursing through my veins to serve as a reminder of what I was capable of.
A cat screamed a few feet away, and another hissed in response. They shrieked as they began fighting and a trashcan tipped over with a loud crash. The noise startled me and my lungs constricted tightly as the aroma of death filled them.
Oh, how I had forgotten that undeniably decadent scent.
“Please,” he pleaded again, his voice hoarse from the damage his vocal chords had sustained from the vampire who had tried to rip out this man's throat. My skin crawled as my body fought a silent war it hadn't faced in ages. I wasn't allowed to interfere, I reminded myself even as my tongue slid lazily over my lengthened teeth. I struggled against hundreds of years of ingrained instinct.
There was so much blood.
The tear in his throat gaped at me and I swallowed hard, feeling sorry that death had not come more swiftly for him. I could see the madness slowly creeping into his eyes and knew he was only seconds away from the very release he was begging for.
I made a choice in that short span of time and instead of salvation, I condemned him to eternal damnation.

~*~ that you've had a taste - how about being the first one to win a copy? This will be the first time I've offered up an e-copy for download and I'll email it to you as soon as the book is released on the 12th. Just leave a comment (with your email address) to be entered and you have until midnight EST!


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OOOO...Sounds really good Sarah

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I'm going to say it again. "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!" :)

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Where can I get this!! lol, can't wait, Sara.

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Cool, thanks for offering up a copy to win. I bet everyone is waiting with crossed fingers, crossed toes, crossed eyes, crossed legs....hehe!!!!

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Ohhh you picked my curiosity with the 'favorite scene' comment! It looks like something i would love.
I've been highly recommended your books! *grin*


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Oh wow - If this is has your favorite scene in it, then i HAVE to read it. :D Please count me in.

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You already created a monster. Muahah!

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