Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beyond the happily ever after

Recently I've been thinking about what happens once a book ends. Not because I'm interested in writing a series of recurring characters but because I think it's hugely funny and entertaining to think about.

Let's take menages for example. Sure, women can fantasize about having two women in her bed, but think about it. Sleeping afterward, with two snoring men with you? How extra annoying would that be? Two men passing gas in those early morning hours? Ick. Not to mention the extra laundry and the really bad mood days as they each would come home with man-o-pause? Double the socks turned inside out? Two guys sitting around the house watching sports and not helping out around the house. Two sinks full of shaving whiskers?

No thank you LOL

And what happens with that oh so sweet woman a guy finds to spend the rest of his life with? Let's say she gains 50 pounds with her first pregnancy. How's that gonna affect the relationship? What happens when she goes all hormonal on him during PMS? And can you say relatives? In-laws? Bad hair days?

But you see my point? I'm all for writing a story with a happy ending but every once in awhile I get to thinking about the reality of it all. As much as we all really want to buy into the dream, I think we all know, deep down, that's all it is, a fantasy. I don't think we'd all like the reality. LOL

Have a great day, all. And whatever you do, go with humor. :-)


Kathye Quick said...

Exactly. I wish I could just press my husband into a book like the corsage from my HS prom - you know, nice to look at, but not so annoying if you get stuck with that long pin!

Now you know wxactly why we write these things.

Sandra Sookoo said...

lol Kathye I swear, one of these days I'm gonna write a story about this very thing.