Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time Moves By...

This has been a rather monumental week for me. My oldest son, the one on the right in that lovely picture of me at Old Orchard Beach above (For those of you that don't know, there are 4 boys in my husband and our three sons--ages 11 months, 3, and 5) because the oldest one went to Kindergarden this week. I'm not alone in this. In fact, another one of the PR bloggers sent her son this week too.

But still, I was struck all week with the feeling of the passage of time. How did that happen? How did the little baby who used to literally move me to tears by simply looking at him in the morning light get old enough that I had to watch him walk away from me with a brave look on his face into a building where parents are not supposed to enter. (Yes that is the rule, for safety)

He did it. He was fine, happy even, and I was a nervous wreck to the point that I actually gave myself stomach pains.

Going through this has done a funny thing to my writing. For the last 3 days, I have not been able to write my usual output. I seem to be unable to lose myself in my story. It's like my muse is making me stick this out, to get through this time, and not go away to the safety of wolf shifters.

So I'm going to wait it out. Wait for the right time to come back for me to feel the stirrings in my mind of a new story to tell.

Best to all of you

Rebecca Royce


D L Jackson said...

Hey, sweetie. I'm there with you , but my oldest walked out the door to join the Marines and presented me with a daughter-in-law and grandaughter 9 months later. I cried--I mourned. It's natural.

This will open up a whole different chapter of your life. Soon you'll be busy with PTA meetings, soccor games and buried in math problems you haven't got a clue how to awnser. Enjoy the peace now. LOL

And enjoy each step and don't look at it as a loss, but a gain. So much will come from this experience for both of you. He'll make friends, you'll make friends because of it. Teachers and other parents.

Plus the first play, the first game, you'll get to sit proudly in the stands and proclaim--that's my boy. It isn't just your baby stepping out into the world--you step out too and will also grow from it.

Annie Nicholas said...

Nice POV DL. I sent my youngest off to kindergarten too, as Rebecca mentioned. I have no more babies at home and I find myself spoiling my dog all of a sudden. LOL I also gaze at my 11 year old and know in five years he'll want to borrow my car. EEK!